Georgia District 6 congressional race most expensive ever

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ROSWELL, Ga. - It's shaping up to be the most expensive house race in history.

When President Donald Trump selected then Georgia Congressman Tom Price for his cabinet as Health Secretary, Price's seat in the house of representatives went up for grabs.

Both parties are ready to fight— and hard!

Between the candidates, their parties and superpacs, more than $50 million has been thrown at this race.

Republican Karen Handel is a former Georgia secretary of state.

“I saw a stat the other day that something like three times the number of donors for Jon Ossoff came out of San Francisco. You know where most of my donors are from y'all? You,” Handel said.

A win for her means a vote of confidence for Trump.

"I think that her getting elected is going to validate the presidency as well and that this wasn't just something that was done on a whim and that there is actually a base that is remaining loyal to the GOP,” said Handel supporter Kevin Assari.

Trump even tweeted out his endorsement Monday morning.

But Democrat newcomer, Jon Ossoff, at only 30 years old, is ready to show there's a reason Trump barely won this district in a historically republican dominated area.

“In this election, with the stakes so high, there's no excuse not to be out there and make our voices heard,” Ossoff told supporters.

And his supporters are pushing hard!

"I live in D.C. now but I grew up in the district and I took an 11 hour bus drive to make sure i was back and canvassing,” Ossoff supporter Shreya Singh said.

The stakes are high for both parties because it's being seen as a preview of next year's midterm elections.

And with all the money that's gone into the race, let's hope it affords voters smooth sailing at the polls.