Kim Jong Un romper and Donald Trump swimsuit are a thing

PROVO, UT -- Summertime means swimsuit season! How's your bikini bod coming along?

Well, if you aren't quite ready yet, we may have just found the solution: What better way to strut your stuff down to the beach or at the pool than with The Donald's face gracing the public with its presence?

Shocked? So is Donald! I mean, just look at that face!

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The clothing line responsible is called Beloved Shirts, and they're all about putting some odd things on clothes.

Like food:

And SpongeBob characters:

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We promise, this isn't the only crazy thing you'll see today. Take a gander at this RompHim! Or should we say Romp-Kim!

That's North Korea's very own Kim Jong Un and, although people have been trying to embrace the fact that RompHims even exist, we just can't be okay with this one!

Not sure if you can pull off a man romper? Don't worry! They also have tank tops, shirts, you name it, that might suit your fancy!

Y'all, we know it's hot; but come on, all these faces are getting a little out of hand.