Are you smarter than the average person? Here’s how to find out!

HOUSTON - Have you ever been somewhere and thought, “I've got to be the smartest person in the room.”

Studies show that if you have certain traits, you might have above-average brain power.

Do you want to see how you measure up?

There are four ways to tell:

  1. Are you funny?

A 2011 study says funny and smart run hand in hard. Silly right?

  1. Are you tall?

A 2008 study found children of higher elevation did much better on I.Q. tests than those of the shorter stature.

  1. Ever do drugs?

Obviously drugs don't make you smart. But a study in 2012 found smarter kids would more likely try recreational drugs later in life. They also drink more.

And finally, a study in 2014 says cat people score higher on aptitude tests than dog owners!

Did anyone get a perfect score?