Pigs run loose on I-45 after 18-wheeler’s fiery crash in Wilmer

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DALLAS -- Dozens of pigs were loose on I-45 in Wilmer, Texas when the tractor-trailer that was carrying nearly 200 of them smashed into the median - shutting down  both sides of the interstate.

You could say they were hogging the road.

"We do not know how many dead, loss, or how many ran off at this time," Lt. Eric Pon of the Wilmer Police Department said.

The biggest challenge for cops was keeping the pigs safe!

"Just keeping them from getting into oncoming traffic and getting ran over. But I do believe we've got all of them," Lt. Pon said,

We still don't know what caused the semi-truck to crash, but another trailer was sent out to pick up the surviving pigs.

Who then went, " wee, wee, wee" all the way home. Or somewhere.