Doctors say — Stop sticking glitter-filled pills in your lady parts!

ASTORIA, N.Y. -- Ever heard of the saying, "Everything that glitters isn't gold?" Well, that's what doctors are basically telling women who've been sticking glitter up their vagina!

Yep, the secret's out and apparently "Passion Dust" capsules have become controversial after warnings of potential infections to those using them.

According to the company, Pretty Woman Inc., popping these pills into your lady part before sex is supposed to make magic happen. By magic they mean "a release of sparkling candy flavored passion dust."

Apparently a growing number of gynecologist are alerting users that this type of  "magic" can cause an infection or lead to bacterial vaginosis.

The company has already posted a response to all media saying "Duh ... use at your own risk as you should with anything."

So tell ya momma and tell ya friend, these pills probably aren't poppin' like they claim.