Authorities sweep 36 offenders off the streets in Montgomery County warrant round-up

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas — The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office swept up 36 people for outstanding warrants in a targeted operation.

In a concerted effort to reduce the number of open warrants for offenders in the community, the MCSO SWAT Team, in conjunction with the U.S. Marshal’s Service, Patton Village PD, Montgomery County Constable Pct. 4 and Woodbranch PD conducted a warrant round-up in East Montgomery County during the last week of June.

“As promised, we will continue to seek an increase in the number of warrants cleared on a daily basis by our dedicated SWAT team as well as through partnerships with local and federal law enforcement agencies during regular, pre-planned operations. With the help of these law enforcement partners and our new records management system, we will be able to bring fugitives to justice so they can answer for the crimes they are charged with,” Sheriff Rand Henderson said.

The range of topics for the offenders included various charges from driving while intoxicated, unauthorized use of a motor vheicle to possession, indecency with a child and theft.

The sheriff’s office said several additional operations are planned for this year in every segment of Montgomery County, as well as adjoining counties, where fugitives may be hiding. As always, fugitives are encouraged to turn themselves in.

“You don’t want these guys coming after you,” Henderson said. “Our SWAT team is the best, most professional and effective team around. Coupled with our local law enforcement partners, rest assured that they will find you and they will bring you in.”