Critter News: Monkeys, Colorado bears and Houston zoo babies

HOUSTON - The Houston Zoo has quite a baby boom on their hands!

There's a first-time litter of Red River Hogs at the zoo's African Forest, African Bush vipers and White Botched River Stingrays. There's also a California sea lion pup just born over a week ago.

Not to be out done Moody Gardens North Pacific exhibit in Galveston, Texas welcomed a harbor seal named 'Siku' to its summer lineup. Siku traveled over 1,200 miles from the Milwaukee County Zoo to his new home in Galveston.

Keeping up with the animal migration. Some 1,053 miles away in Colorado a homeowner captured surveillance footage of a bear rummaging through his home.

The big guy spent over five hours ransacking the place, even raiding the fridge like a human.

Investigators determined the bear got in through a window, but they also discovered that this wasn't the bears first caper.

"This bear has been habituated to this area and to getting food out of people's garages and things," Corey Adler of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife said.

Authorities said the bear had a run-in with a woman in her garage just a week earlier.

"We didn't want to put anybody in danger,"  Adler said.

Sadly, because of that when officials caught up with the bear, he had to be put down.

"At this point, when a bear's coming in the house, that's an endangerment to our community," the homeowner Chris Odubhraic said.

More monkey business was caught on camera at a state park in Florida.

"Run!!" someone screams in a video of a bunch of wild monkeys attacking.

"It went from, 'oh, look at the cute monkeys,' to like 'oh my God!  Our lives are in danger,'" Susie Ramsey said, when she and her kids were suddenly attacked by the wild monkeys.

"It seemed as though if you turned and run, they were all gonna come just jump on you," Ramsey said.

Luckily, no one was hurt, but these critters weren't just 'monkeying around!'