Fingerless bandit makes off with over $45K in stolen goods

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NEW YORK CITY - There's a fingerless thief on the streets of New York and he's got police on high alert.

"A pickpocket missing fingers, if that don't beat all!" Midtown East Partnership security specialist Wardell Struggles said. "It's like a one-armed bandit without arms. How does he do it?"

Authorities are baffled but keeping their eyes peeled for this guy.

The NYPD said he's lifted over $45,000 worth of merchandise from high-end stores and managed to make off with a shearling coat worth five grand in January.

In March, the fingerless bandit walked away with a $37,000 fur coat from Fendi and just last week he made off with a $2K statue.

He may only have two fingers, but he sure knows how to use 'em!


Cops just hope someone out there can 'finger' this 50- to 60-year-old crook and bring him to justice.

Until then, he'll keep letting his fingers do the heavy lifting.