Study finds taking selfies can increase exposure to head lice

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HOUSTON -- Hey H-town! You may want to slow down a little on those summer pictures, especially if you are a  selfie maniac.

Everyone loves a good filtered selfie, but is it worth your blood? Well, head lice is on the rise and rapidly spreading through selfie cliques!

According to an Oxford University study, smartphones and tablets are linked to an increase in head lice, and 62.5 percent of kids who own such devices and enjoy squeezing into groups for the perfect photo will contract head lice within a five-year period.

Michelle Boehme, owner of Lice Treatment Service of Fort Bend, said,  "Head lice is spread primarily through head to head contact. I have seen an increase in cases of head lice among teenagers. And I do strongly believe that selfies contribute."

Interesting. So, maybe you should wear a hat when taking group selfies, so you can avoid contracting head lice.