VIDEO: Feuding neighbors dispute leads to viral gunfight in backyard

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JOHNSON CITY, Ind.-- A man is in the hospital and facing multiple charges after inciting a shootout with his neighbor.

Dean Keller was adjusting his fence when his neighbor, Jeffrey Weigle, greeted him.

"Hey a**hole! How you doin' today? You're an a**hole!"

Weigle then proceeded to re-adjust Keller's fence.

"I see you got the sl*t out," Weigle said, directing his insults towards Keller's wife.

Weigle then hopped on his lawn mower and pulled out a gun.

In defense Keller pulled his gun leading to a full on the shootout.

Officials said 10 gunshots were fired resulting in Weigle receiving four gunshot wounds to the chest.

Weigle refusing to be out done still managed to fire off several more shots.

Authorities arrived and rushed Weigle to the hospital.

According to police, they have been to the property 15 times since 2009 over the feuding neighbors.

"Even though he perpetrated it, still it was hard on my son-hard on the family," Keller's dad Jerry Keller said.

"I'm glad he defended himself," Keller's mother Jackie Keller said. "I would hate to think that he and his wife were laying out on the ground."

Weigle remains in critical condition, but cops said if he pulls through, he can look forward to possible charges for the shootout.

Maybe that'll finally put a stop to this decade-old feud.