Crosby community offers a helping hand to apartment fire survivors

CROSBY, Texas -- An aching community comes together in wake of a deadly fire.

Saturday morning, flames ripped through a Crosby apartment complex, leaving three dead and many survivors homeless.

On Sunday, Churches United in Caring joined forces to offer comfort and raise donations for the residents affected by this tragedy.

"That's how it is in Crosby, when something happens people jump right on it. And I noticed right away people were on Facebook telling people to bring donations.... The reason I do this is because throughout my life at one time or another I've been in need, and I can tell you it feels great to know that somebody cares," said Scott Keaton, President of Churches United in Caring.

Some things can never be replaced, but with unity and the support of a neighbor, maybe these residents can begin their road to recovery.

A GoFundMe account as been set up to offer help to the residents of Crosby Village Apartments.