Conroe police release dashcam video amid claims of brutality

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CONROE, Texas —The Conroe Police Department is investigating after dashcam footage of an arrest was released.

Officers responded to a motor vehicle crash on Independence Day in the 1600 block of Airport Road in Conroe around 7 p.m.


A short and edited video showing the arrest of Adrian Salazar, 22, Luis Pineda, 27 has been circulating on social media. After community outrage began to sweep social media, the department decided to release the dashcam footage.

A press conference was held Tuesday, during which a CPD spokesperson announced the department will stand behind the officer's actions.

"The officer did what he was trained to do. He did an open hand to push him back. The individual in the white shirt came back and he struck him one time."

The Conroe spokesman went on to praise the officer for how he handled the situation and suggested that the video that was released on social media led people to believe that the arrest was worst than what it really was.