iPhone 8 fall release boasts hefty price tag

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CUPERTINO, Calif-- According to Apple watcher and developer, John Gruber, swiping your card for an iPhone 8 could cost you $1,200.

If you want something fancier than the basic version, Gruber estimates that an upgraded model of the iPhone 8 will cost up to $1,500.

As if paying cell phone bills were not already a pain in the wallet anyone dying to be up to trend this fall better start saving.

Gruber usually gets it right. He predicted that the gold version of the first Apple watch would cost $10,000.

Guess what? It did.

Developers are creating mock-ups of the new phone which will now have 3D OLED screens.

Rumors in the gadget world suggest the new screen's design will take up nearly the entire front of the phone.

So, why the massive price hike?

Gruber said Apple still does not have the capacity to keep up with the insane demand. By switching to OLED screens, they do not have the same capability to mass produce.

In order to alleviate the demand, Apple has to rack up the prices.

While, they are reducing their company's issue, they are adding to our financial ones.

Well, thanks Apple (insert sarcasm here).