NewsFix in Space: Juno, NASA and the U.S. Space Corps.

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OUTER SPACE - Today's adventure takes us to Jupiter where NASA's Juno spacecraft is getting closer than ever before to that Great Red Spot.

Scientists believe the Spot, which is actually a 10,000-mile wide cosmic storm has been going on for over 400 years.

If the exploration of the Red Spot isn't your thing maybe NASA's new program will get you in the space mood.

NASA just awarded over $200,000 to citizen inventors competing in the new 3-D Printed Habitat Challenge.

The idea is to create suitable living quarters for humans on Mars using recycled materials or from simulated Martian soil.

Still not impressed with the latest space exploration? Here's your chance to do something about it and join the United States Space Corps.

Congress is considering adding another military branch that would send soldiers into outer space to guard and defend against potential star wars.

Whoever gets that job will be definitely get a once in a lifetime chance at seeing some killer galaxy scenery. The most recent being images captured by the International Space Station during the  Aurora Borealis.

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