Thousands gather for slain NYPD officer’s funeral; daughter gives moving testimony

NEW YORK — As far as the eye could see, thousands gathered to remember Miosotis Familia, the fallen New York Police Department detective killed last week.

The 48-year-old mother of three was assassinated in a senseless act against officers in blue.

While guarding the same troubled Bronx neighborhood where she grew up, an unstable ex-convict walked up to Familia's patrol vehicle. He pointed a gun and shot the 48-year-old in the head.

Yet, her life and 12 years of service were clearly not in vain. Thousands of mourners paid their respects at World Changers Church in the Bronx on Tuesday.

Among the emotional tributes, her eldest daughter Genesis Villella, remembered the last time she ever saw her mother. She recalls Familia telling her how much she loved her before heading to her overnight shift.

"I said, 'can I just have one more hug?' And she said 'okay, of course, of course you can,'" cried 20-year-old Villella.

Familia's 12-year-old son, Peter Vega, delivered a speech wise beyond his years. "She loved us. She wanted to sacrifice for us, so she did it."

Vega encouraged the audience not to take their loved ones for granted. "Just turn around, look around say 'I love you.' Be appreciative of what you have."

Farewell, Detective Familia  . . .  and thank you for your service.