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Critter News: Bears, rats and elephants at sea

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SRI LANKA - Navy divers, wildlife officials, and a small group of boats all banded together to save a giant elephant that got caught in an ocean and nearly drowned.

The large animal was struggling just to keep its trunk above water.

Meanwhile, a bear did a mountain of damage to a family's car in North Carolina.

"Was there something wrong officer?' the car's owner, Michael Watkins asked. "And he's like, 'There's a bear trapped in your car.'"

Yep, a police officer discovered the man's car had a bear camped out inside it.

A game warden came to the rescue to set the animal free.

"He acted like it was no big deal," Watkins said. "Just walked over and opened the door and the bear shot down the hill."

But he left a trail of damage behind.

"The bear had already done tons of damage to the car. Totaled it out," Watkins said. "He used the restroom in the trunk."

Fortunately, Watkins' car insurance covered the damage.

Finally, what happens when a rat walks into a restaurant?

"When I first seen the rat it's like, anything, I jumped out of my body, you know," customer Robert Bell said, after he videotaped a rat running around a restaurant called the Upside Down Burger in California.

Now the video has gone viral!

"The lady, she jumps up," Bell described. "She is screaming, she's yelling, runs and said, 'I'm not eating here! I'm not eating here!'"

So, how did the rat get in there?

The owner of a restaurant next door may be to blame.

"Yesterday, they said they saw some infestation," Manny Noguera, owner of House of Sisig restaurant, said. "I have to clean it up and everything."

Good luck with that!