Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant spent $20K on hometown BBQ

LUFKIN, TX -- Dem Boys love to represent!

After some Cowboy drama earlier in the week, Dez Bryant switched things up when he took his last vacay before going to camp. You know what they say, 'There's no place like home!'

Dez clicked his cleats, headed home to Lufkin, Texas, and told social media to bring their appetites and their A-game! What better way to celebrate than with some good old Texas barbecue?

It must have been some darn good BBQ, too, because Dez picked up the tab, totaling a whopping $20,000! After everyone's bellies were full, it was time for some kickball!

"I'm ready too, and I've been working out. You know I'm ready for them," Dez said.

One of Dez's old high school teachers said, "I know what Lufkin means to him and the beginnings that he got here is what set him up for his successes that he's having now, so his hometown means a lot to him."

When a little boy was asked how he's connected to Dez, he said, "My mom went to school with him. [She said] he's a very good football catcher."

Plus, Dez never forgets where he came from when he's on that field, "They bring me so much energy, and I just wanted to come back and show them my support to them, and show them that I do see them whenever I'm on that football field. I see them wherever I go because that's what made me."

It might have been all fun and games, but Dez did run late for the first day of veterans training camp. How can you hate on this hometown hero?