Man threatens to kill employee at Wendy’s because there isn’t enough cucumber in his salad

NEW YORK (CNN) — A dispute over a perceived shortage of cucumbers in a salad at a Wendy’s fast food restaurant led to criminal charges for a New York man Sunday afternoon.

According to New Holland police, Theodore L. Gunderson Jr., 58, of Lansdale, allegedly became upset after being served a salad that he felt did not have enough cucumbers. Gunderson used obscene language, threw the salad at an employee and issued a death threat, allegedly saying “If I had a gun or knife you would be the first to go,” according to the police report.

The victim called police, saying he was in fear for his life. When officers arrived, Gunderson was in his vehicle. He refused to roll down his window or exit the vehicle, according to police.

He was eventually convinced to roll down the window and was told he was under arrest, police say. Gunderson put a key into the ignition of the vehicle, which prompted an officer to reach inside the car in an attempt to grab the keys. Gunderson started the car and began to drive away, with the officer’s arm still inside the vehicle, police say. The officer had to take multiple steps to avoid tripping and possibly falling under the moving car.

Gunderson was eventually stopped and taken into custody, police say. He is charged with aggravated assault, terroristic threats, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.