Charges dismissed against Harris County deputies accused of illegally strip searching suspect

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HOUSTON - A Houston attorney and his client have decided to go after the Harris County Sheriff's Office in court after oppression charges against two deputies were dismissed.

Attorney Sam Cammack says deputies violated Charneshia Corley during a strip search in June of 2015.

"The officer then spread her legs apart, pinned her ankles up against her back and probed inside of her," said Cammack.

A federal civil rights lawsuit has been filed against the department. It all stemmed from an alleged traffic violation in northwest Houston.

Newly released dashcam video shows the stop in a gas station parking lot. Cammack says deputies claimed to have smelled marijuana coming from Corley's car, but found nothing.

The female deputy had Corley cuffed and pants down, outside a gas station for more than 10 minutes. She was charged with possession of marijuana and resisting arrest, which was thrown out.

At the time, then District Attorney Devon Anderson's office indicted both deputies, but the case overlapped during a change of administration.

Cammack stated, "One of these officers turned states evidence against two of the other officers."

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said "policy prohibits deputies from conducting strip searches without a warrant."

He also stated if a warrant is obtained, "strip searches must be conducted in a private, sanitary and appropriate facility."

The sheriff says two of the three deputies have been cleared and are still on the job because one did not actively participate in the search, and the other who initiated the search will remain in her current assignment.

Cammack is calling for an outside prosecutor to investigate.