Don’t Judge Me? Chris Brown gets real about Rihanna assault in documentary

LOS ANGELES -- After nearly a decade, Chris Brown is finally coming clean about beating up his then girlfriend, Rihanna.  This isn't some sit down with Oprah and he didn't call up Iyanla to "fix his life" -- he put everything in a new documentary called "Welcome to My Life."

"I really hit her with a closed fist, like, I punched her and it busted her lip," Chris says in a clip.

Chris' moment of truth is probably worth millions. After being released in movie theaters around the world, the documentary has quickly shot to number one in 15 countries -- and that's just on iTunes.

While RiRi seems to be living a drama-free life since all that went down, we can't say the same for Chris.

His recent ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran filed a five-year restraining order against him back in June. She claims Chris abused her during their relationship and allegedly pushed her down a flight of stairs.

Chris brown denies those allegations. But it makes you wonder, is he really a changed man?