HPD officer fights off tears as daughter sings him happy birthday over the phone

HOUSTON — It’s been an overwhelming week for most Houston residents, especially for the brave men and women who’ve abandoned their own homes to protect our families amidst the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

The Houston Police Department posted a video Thursday night showing an officer fighting back tears as his young daughter serenades him with the classic birthday hymn.

“When keeps you from home on your birthday, you’re serenaded over the phone by your daughter ,” the tweet read.

The child’s innocent and sweet phone call is melting hearts. The post has been retweeted more than 1.3 thousand times and has received over 4.6 thousand likes.

It’s been confirmed Hurricane Harvey has claimed more than dozens of lives in Houston as of Thursday, but these short breaks of normality and thoughtfulness remind us that we will over come. #HoustonStrong