Houston rapper Slim Thug gets roasted for charity after Hurricane Harvey

HOUSTON — Recovering from Hurricane Harvey won't be easy. However, some H-Town celebs may have just what the city needs to help you bounce back from the blues, like a boss.

"Everybody need to get their mind off of what's going on today and just get out and laugh and just get past this," said Houston rapper Slim Thug.

We're talking a comedy roast for his birthday, Sept. 8. He's letting his friends rag on him, all for the sake of charity.

Slim says he has "the honor of the O.G. Bun B, ESG, Dat Damn Monty, Ali, and J-Mac. So, they're all gonna roast me."

Friend and rapper, ESG claims he can "finally get to tell the world he wears briefs."

"I tend to talk down about Slim behind his back all the time, so this is an opportunity to do it in a public setting," said rapper Bun B.

ESG says, "It just brings the city together because I didn't know how much I missed sunlight until it finally showed up."

"With the money we get from ticket sales and donations we are going to pick out somebody or more than one person who's house has been damaged in the flood, and we're gonna rebuild their house for them," Slim stated.

The Still Tippin' songwriter has teamed up with JG Hollins Builders to give families a clean slate and a new foundation. A birthday bash turned into a fundraiser, thanks to Slim's Boss Life Foundation and attorney Justin Martin.

To find out how you can get a good laugh, and help Slim Thug rebuild Houston in the process, click here.