Janet Jackson plans ‘something special’ for Harvey shelter residents

HOUSTON — Iconic singer Janet Jackson is planning something special for Houston, so she's rolling into town early Friday prior to her big show here.

"Now, I know there've been rumors on whether we were gonna do the show in Houston, or whether we weren't going to do the show in Houston. I'm here to tell you we're gonna do the show in Houston," Jackson said in Twitter video. "But we're gonna roll in early 'cause we want to visit some of the shelters-- and not just visit some of the shelters, we also want to do something special for the victims. So, I will see you Friday."

All right, you go, Ms. Jackson!

We can't wait to see what kind of surprise Janet has in store for us!

Uh, just maybe not quite like the last big surprise she dropped in H-town. Who could forget that one during the 2004 Super Bowl Halftime Show!

We can't wait!