Two different communities in two different states make dreams come true for two terminally-ill children

FAIRFIELD, Ohio - Helping friends and neighbors devastated by Hurricane Harvey, we certainly know the meaning of community.  Here's two stories with nothing about rising water, but they will bring a flood of emotions.

Six-year-old Walter Herbert from Ohio is better known as Superbubz. He proudly marched into his high school graduation all decked out in his red cap and gown.  He's no pint-sized prodigy, though. You see, Walter is battling Stage 4 pediatric cancer,  and his community came together to give him the chance to live as much of a life as possible.

After learning about his diagnosis, the local schools pitched in to fast-track the little guy's diploma.   In just two days, he completed grades one through 12.

"To me this is the most important teaching day of my career so far," said art teacher Matthew Klaber.

The whirlwind curriculum included baseball lessons during gym and physics labs in class.  It culminated with all the usual pomp and circumstance, and super heroes.  As far as Walter's family is concerned, they live in a community filled with real heroes.

"Ho! Ho! Ho!"   Christmas came early for a three-year-old in Kansas because this may be his last.

Christian Risner has a form of kidney cancer. He's spent most of his life in and out of hospitals. Last month, doctors said he may not see November.

"We got to where we were about to about two months away from being done with the treatments," said his father Josh Risner. "And it metastasized into his lungs."

The small community of Lebo, Kansas immediately sprang into action to plan "Christmas for Christian."  Summer wasn't over and homes glowed with holiday lights. Local stores began donating.

There are medical options that may prolong his life, but his family wants him to just spend his life like a typical kid.  "We wanted him to be like this. With hair. No NG tube."

The early Christmas had a silent auction, a horse-drawn carriage, and a community meal for everyone.  The community did it, they say, just hoping for a Christmas miracle.

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