Guess what? Less than 100 days until Christmas!

ARLINGTON, Texas (KDAF) -- The world got you down? Too many protests, politics, and natural disasters? How about another option?

Just head right through the door of an Arlington, Texas, store, and the United States of Sadness dissolves away.

"It's just overwhelming almost when you walk in the door," North Texas shopper Pam Erlandson said. "You just cannot wait to see what's around each corner."

Whether you believe in St. Nick or not, believe this -- there's less than 100 days until Christmas! No need to check it twice. We did the math.

Decorator's Warehouse in Arlington is ready and waiting.

"We hear all the time that this is a happy place, and I truly think that it brings joy," Manager Kristin Black said. "When we have so much strife going on in the world, this is kind of an escape from that."

For Suzanne Landers, it really is an escape.

"We just had fortunately a few shingles blown off, so we missed the brunt of it," Landers said Sunday.

She and her husband were on vacation when Hurricane Irma skirted by their home in Florida, and this bit of Christmas is their joy during a challenging time.

Could others take a lesson in the healing powers of yuletide spirit too?

"It's a warm time of year," Black said. "It's exciting, and it's something to look forward to. Christmas brings families together."

And isn't that what was promised all along? After all, President Trump did say, "Remember the expression, Merry Christmas? You don't see it anymore! You're gonna see it if I get elected!"

Mission accomplished, Mr. President. Let the countdown continue!