Flix Fix: The Golden Circle, Friend Request and Dustin interviews Jake Gyllenhaal about Stronger

HOUSTON -- Oscar nominated actor Jake Gyllenhaal sits down with Film Critic Dustin Chase this week on Flix Fix to discuss his new film Stronger. Jeff Bauman who survived the Boston Marathon Bombings is at the center of Stronger, as it details his struggle and perseverance to live. Also new this week in theaters, the sequel to 2014 action flick Kingsman is called The Golden Circle. Do all the additional American actors like Julianne Moore, Jeff Bridges and Channing Tatum make the sequel better or worse? Friend Request keeps the weekly horror movie debut’s going, it’s a thriller starring no marquee names, centered around this misuses of social media.

See a Flix Fix extended version of Dustin interviewing Jake Gyllenhaal: