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Keeping Houston Strong: Altruist Relief sets up gigantic tepee to make meals for victims of Harvey

HOUSTON -- People from all over the nation have helped keep Houston Strong.

Altruist Relief definitely stands out among the rest. The non-profit organization has set up a large industrial kitchen inside a 2,000 square-foot Rapid Response tent that looks like a Siberian tepee.

Inside you'll find some of the most down-to-earth volunteers, including the non-profit's founder Lucas "Lucid" Wilcox. The trained volunteers are busy at work making 100 gallons of fresh, hot meals every few hours.

CW39's Maggie Flecknoe spent the morning with Wilcox. Find out more and how you can help.

Also, Altruist Relief is completely transparent with your donations. If you subscribe to the LucidLorax YouTube channel, you can see regular concise videos showing you exactly what we do and where your donation goes.

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