Schools incorporating chemically altered sprinklers to deter active shooters

NEW MEXICO— Instead of arming teachers with firearms to ward of school shooters, one Minnesota company is offering a waterproof solution.

The Crotega Threat Suppression System, uses high tech sensors to detect gunshots, and initiate the sprinkler system.  The water in the system is a vinegar-based mixture that will soak the shooter and irritate their eyes, nose and mouth, making it hard to breathe.

The company rep says its a way to " snap an individual out of that psychological state" that they might be in during a shooting.

The system has yet to be added in any US schools but the invention has been installed in a engineering firm in Minnesota for testing.

With a price tag of around 50 to 60 thousand dollars per room, school systems like the one in Albuquerque New Mexico are having problems finding the funds for the project.