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This impressive Texas ranch puts Wes World to shame — and now it’s up for sale! 

CENTERVILLE, Texas — A huge piece of a Texas real-estate is going on the market— and I do mean HUGE!

Philanthropist Dick Wallrath is the former owner of Champion Windows, and he's putting his Centerville, Texas ranch up for sale.

And this ranch ain't like any ol' ranch — this bad boy sits on over 5,000 acres and it boasts a private, a 78 acre lake and much more!

You like options to put your head down at night? Well, besides the main living quarters, you also have multiple barns with numerous guest and ranch houses, plus a bunkhouse that can sleep 16 people.

Love being outside? Well, there's 3,400 trees on the property, and that includes 18 different types of peach trees. Heck! I didn't even know there was that many kinds of peaches!

And what kind of ranch would it be without a saloon? Matter of fact, the property has a 2,200 square foot saloon with its own custom sound system, so you can play your honky-tonk all night long if you wish.

And what kinda Texas ranch would it be without oil and gas wells on the property! Oh yeah, and if you buy this hoss, you also get a thousand purebred cattle!

A price tag hasn't been put on this ranch yet, but its expected to be in the hundreds of millions and the majority of proceeds from the sale will go to the 4H youth development foundation and the FFA.

So you got the kinda money to spend on a ranch? Well, hmmmm, let me just slip you my phone number.