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  • Smartphones might go extinct by 2025

    MINNEAPOLIS — It seems like everything is controlled with our voice these days. Eventually, we might not need our phones to communicate anymore, and that day may come sooner than we think! According to, all things smartphone will be no more by 2025! Goodbye iPhones and Androids. The website says sooner or later, bots will start recognizing our individual voices wherever we go. Home, car, the office, everything in between. What about apps, games, and movies that keep us distracted and entertained? […]

  • Child’s transplant put on hold because father violated parole

    The father of a two-year old boy who desperately needs a kidney is a perfect match and wants to donate his kidney, but the hospital says it won’t do the operation until the father has proven that he can stay out of jail. Two-year-old AJ he can’t walk, is fed through a tube and has to be hooked up to dialysis every single day of his life. He was born a month early and without a working kidney. He spent […]

  • WATCH: 2 men arrested after crash leads to fight on Indiana racetrack

    ANDERSON, Ind. — Two racecar drivers have been arrested after getting into a fistfight following a crash on an Indiana racetrack that ended with a police officer using a stun gun on one of the drivers. A video posted online from Saturday’s race at Anderson Speedway shows one vehicle driving onto the second car’s hood following the initial crash. The driver of the second car exits the vehicle and punches the other driver who’s still in his car. An officer jogs onto […]

  • Simon Says: Where were the Weinstein Whistleblowers? Don’t be scared anymore!

    HOUSTON — The whole mess over the Harvey Weinstein saga has all of us with different opinions. Pissed off. Grossed out. Yes, there’s a lot of anger when you hear about what could be years of sexual harassment and allegations of rape. But don’t you feel the response in Hollywood is like that scene in Casablanca, when the guy says, “I’m shocked, shocked gambling is going on here.” If you remember, about two beats later that same man accepted his ‘winnings’ from another. […]

  • Cam Newton in the hot seat over sexist comments

    CHARLOTTE, N.C.– Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is getting called everything from sexist to stupid for the way he responded to a female reporter’s question during a press conference, Wednesday. “It’s funny to hear a female talk about routes.  It’s funny” he said. Yeah, he went there alright. But it didn’t take long for that reporter, Jourdan Rodrigue, from the Charlotte Observer to fire back on Twitter. “I don’t think it’s “funny” to be a female and talk about routes, […]

  • Gene Simmons offers personal delivery of ‘The Vault Experience’

    DALLAS — Let’s be real music lovers, the chances of your favorite artist popping by your house sometime soon to sing a song or two, are probably not very high. But if you’re a kiss fan, Gene Simmons has something special for you. The legend and co-founder of Kiss wants to celebrate 50 years in the game and he stopped by morning dose for a little kiss and tell. “I wanted to do something you can touch and feel that spans half a […]

  • Tax-free weekend applies to more than back-to-school

    HOUSTON — There are plenty of items you can pickup this weekend without paying sales tax. But what is and isn’t exempt from taxes can be confusing. Watch and find out if any tax-free items are on your shopping list.

  • Apology letter brings back memories of segregation

    KOKOMO, Ind. – A man who grew up in Kentucky received an apology letter from an old teammate of his from the 1960s. The letter was a reminder of events the man didn’t even remember, but his friend couldn’t forget.

  • VIDEO: Man survives 3 painstaking days in Arizona desert

    PHOENIX — An Arizona man got lost in the desert for three days after trying to view scenery in his car. See what he did to survive, and how he was finally rescued.