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  • Don’t smuggle cocaine in your pants!

    NEW YORK– Two men are facing federal charges after smuggling narcotics at JFK airport. Customs agents said they were coming from the Dominican Republic. One of them is a U.S. citizen. Agents said he had 11 pounds of cocaine strapped to his legs and the Dominican citizen had 12 pounds duct-taped to his legs and back said officers. Last month, two other people were arrested at the same airport for trying the same thing. Haven’t these guys heard of cargo […]

  • Something Borrowed: Bride receives kidney transplant just a week before her wedding!

    DALLAS — Did you know April is National Donate Life Month? It’s an effort to raise awareness about the need for organ donors – a need folks like Dr. Matt Mulloy, the surgical director of the kidney and pancreas transplant program at Medical City Dallas, are already all too aware of. “We have a huge waiting list,” said Dr. Mulloy, “and while people are waiting, unfortunately, some people never make it to the top of that list, because they get […]

  • First African-born MLB player makes debut

    PITTSBURGH– It’s a major milestone for the major leagues. The first African-born player big leagues, named Gift Ngoepe, made his debut with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Ngoepe is from south Africa. The 27-year-old has been playing in the U.S., in the Pirates minor league system, since 2008, and he’s considered the team’s best defensive prospect. Ngoepe saID playing in the majors has been his dream since he was 10 years old Ngoepe had a pretty good game too. He pinch-hit for […]

  • Simon Says: Forget 100-day goals, here’s one rule to follow!

    HOUSTON– President Trump is now dealing with the report cards for his “100 Day Action Plan.” Yes, 100 days is a big deal in elementary school, but who came up with the idea that it was supposed to mean so much in politics? You may have heard, Trump now thinks the milestone is ridiculous Perhaps because he didn’t do everything he wanted, but many of us aren’t good at checking the goal box either. Some goals will never happen. […]

  • Trump taking fresh look at NAFTA

    WASHINGTON– President Trump is addressing a topic he called a signature message of his campaign. …..NAFTA. Early this morning the President started tweeting about phone calls he had with the Presidents of Canada and Mexico, respectively asking to keep the North American Free Trade Agreement in place. Trump told reporters that he was planning on pulling out of the treaty altogether but his Canadian and Mexican counterparts changed his mind. Trump told the press, “I said I will hold on […]

  • Beyonce is about to bless four girls with college scholarships

    HOUSTON — All hail Queen Bey! Beyoncé is that much closer to running the world herself. In honor of the one-year anniversary of Lemonade, Beyoncé has launched a college scholarship program, and we are so not worthy. The scholarship is named after her song “Formation” and is designed to “encourage and support young women who are unafraid to think outside the box,” according to her website. Don’t get your hopes up too high. The scholarship is only for female incoming, current, or […]

  • Shea Moisture goes from #HairGoals to #BadHairDay with controversial ad

    AMITYVILLE, NY — When Pepsi fell flat on their recent ad, customers were thirstin’ to boycott the brand. Now, people are willing to risk a bad hair day before buying another bottle of Shea Moisture. The hairy situation all started with the company’s latest hair care commercial. It features a Black woman “complaining” about her natural hair before cutting to two white women doing the same. If you didn’t know, Shea Moisture is pretty popular with African American women. Also, considering […]

  • Dog food recalled nationwide after Texas retailer finds euthanasia drug in it

    A Texas dog food supplier has forced a nationwide dog food recall after two products tested positive for pentobarbitol, a drug used for euthanasia in people and animals. Party Animal Dog Food announced the recall after being notified by a Texas retailer that a customer had presented Texas A&M lab results showing the products tested positive for the potentially lethal drug, according to the company announcement. Party Animal, Inc. has requested the lab results and is conducting independent lab tests as well. The specific products […]

  • Disturbing new trend called ‘stealthing’ on the rise

    NEW YORK– There’s a new sex trend called stealthing and it’s raising questions about whether it’s sexual assault or rape. According to a recent report published in the Columbia Journal of Gender and Law, it’s a non-consensual practice among some of the guys, but the victim could be anyone. The so-called practice is when a man secretly takes off his condom during consensual sex. Yes, consensual, which is why some people are on the fence as to whether stealthing is considered […]