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  • Chaos erupts during council meeting in Charlottesville

    CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — Chaos ensued Monday night in Charlottesville, Virginia during a council meeting when protesters showed up ready to make their voices heard. The city remains on edge as it grapples with the decision of what to do with decades old confederate symbolism.  It was the first meeting since the violent protests last week between white supremacists and counter protesters and a shouting match erupted, resulting in the council suspending the session until things calmed down. The protesters shouted, […]

  • Teen charged as adult after killing 2 sisters in Indiana

    CLINTON COUNTY, Indiana — An Indiana family mourns the life of two young sisters who were violently struck by a car as they sat in their living room. The out-of-control car was driven by 17-year-old Alia Sierra, who plowed into Haleigh and Callie Fullerton’s home, instantly killing them. The girls were sharing an evening with their mom, who was also severely injured. Clinton County investigators say the 17-year-old was highly intoxicated and high on opiates. In a sobering moment, Sierra appeared in […]

  • Ohio police officer fired for lying at another department

    EUCLID, Ohio — As the Euclid Police Department investigates Officer Michael Amiott for excessive force, a stain from his past comes front and center. Newly released documents from the city of Mentor, Ohio revealed that Officer Amiott was forced to resign from the Mentor Police Department for lying on a police report. An internal review was launched after Amiott changed his story twice when he was asked why he pulled over a vehicle in 2014. He initially reported that the […]

  • Oklahoma City bank bombing arrest

    OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — A deadly domestic terrorist plot is thwarted, thanks to a concerned citizen and swift action from federal authorities in Oklahoma. Targeting the Bancfirst in downtown Oklahoma City, court records spell out a conversation between Jerry Drake Varnell, 23, and an undercover FBI agent to execute an anti-government bombing in an attempt to start the “next revolution”. With a plan to take the bank down from the ground up, the explosives were attached to a cell phone […]

  • Infant tied in trash bag, left outside for three days, survives 

    ELMIRA, N.Y. — After spending three days in the elements, a newborn baby girl manages to survive being tied in a trash bag and abandoned on a street in Elmira, New York. Found by Kayla Seals, she described the eight-month-old baby girl as “barely breathing.”  Shocked, Kayla and her sister Karen quickly went to the baby’s aide and called authorities. Elmira authorities are guarded with the details, only releasing that the baby was found ” dehydrated.” Hospitalized in stable condition, […]

  • Proceeds from lemonade stand help children buy supplies for the school year

    RALEIGH, N. C. — Cheers to finding a sweet spot in a sour situation! Eleven-year-old Aniya Williams and 12-year-old Isaiah Latimer are spending their last days of summer break selling lemonade from this tent for supplies and clothes for the upcoming school year. Growing up in southeast Raleigh, North Carolina where most residents live at or below the poverty line, these budding entrepreneurs are learning to be self-sufficient at an early age with help from the community. Looking to make […]

  • Netflix deals with company shake-ups and triumphs as Disney announces end of deal

    On the heels of a $6 billion  investment into original content earlier in the year, Netflix, the well-known video on demand platform, is viciously out-performing rivals. This week’s headlines reveal some company shake-ups and triumphs, the first being their split with Disney. After having exclusive streaming contract, Disney has announced that they will be pulling all programs and launching their own streaming platform. Despite the Disney departure, Netflix is still sailing right along, announcing the acquisition of Millarworld publishing, the comic […]

  • Get ready to ‘Pedal for a Purpose’ with the Boys and Girls Country organization

    HOUSTON — Pump up those tires, strap on those helmets and hit the road for Pedal for a Purpose 2017! If you’re looking for a great BP MS150 Recommended Ride before the MS150, Boys and Girls Country’s Pedal for a Purpose is your answer! This ride is to bring awareness and raise vital funds for the awesome non-profit Boys and Girls Country – a haven for children of families in crisis. More than 100 children and young adults call the […]

  • Sisqo threatens legal action against impersonator at New York Fashion Week

    NEW YORK– Impersonator or impostor, that is the question. Celebrity impersonators have been around for ages entertaining fans for a fraction of the cost but former Dru Hill frontman, Sisqo, believes his impersonator Gavin Barnes took things too far. Sisqo is now joining the ranks of Kim K, Beyonce and Meatloaf, who have all taken legal action against their lookalikes. Barnes is the lookalike that has been caught posing as the former blonde hair, cool shades, Versace-wearing Sisqo during New […]