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  • Paul Wall’s family friend fired by United Airlines after letting him use his buddy pass

    The peoples champ is not too happy with United Airlines. Houston rapper Paul Wall took to Twitter after he says, the airline fired his close friend for allowing him to use his buddy pass to do charity work out of town. Wow. This unbelievable. A close family friend was fired by @united airlines after 16 Years with no infractions for allowing me to fly on his pass to do Charity Work out of town. More details coming. Please RT!!! 🙏💯🤘 […]

  • Car pulls New Hampshire man on skis down a street

    PORTSMOUTH, NH — These days, there’s no limit to what people will do to go viral on social media. Take, for instance, one guy from Portsmouth, New Hampshire. His viral video posted to Instagram account “Rise In The East” shows the skier being pulled down the street by a car and it already has over 5,000 views. Although his followers think it’s pretty cool, police aren’t too happy with the street shenanigans. “Clearly not the brightest idea we’ve seen. This is […]

  • Family spends nearly six months hiking Appalachian Trail

    WISCONSIN—The Volkmann family has quickly gained the social media title of “The Fam” after spending nearly six months hiking 850 miles of the 2,200-mile Appalachian Trail. “It’s funny, because a lot of people I met, especially men along the trail, would say, ‘I wish I could do this with my family, and I was like, ‘why not?” said father, Tom Volkmann. The 800 mile stretch between Maine and New Jersey was no easy feat for the parents and their two […]

  • Whoa baby! Las Vegas woman gives birth at a gas station

    LAS VEGAS — A lot of things can happen to you on your drive home, but going into labor will make you slam on the brakes real quick! Malachi Salbato was at her mother’s house with her two kids when she started feeling bad. She decided to drive home in the dead of night to prepare for her baby’s arrival with her midwife. What she didn’t realize is how close her contractions were! “They weren’t very strong, so I didn’t […]

  • Drop ’em — for a good cause! NYC annual no pants subway ride

    NEW YORK, NY –Normally seeing someone in public without pants on would be very concerning, but not this week. New Yorkers braced the cold and lefty their pants at home for their 17th annual “No Pants Subway Ride” on Sunday. The ‘cheeky’ event was started as a prank in 2002 by Charlie Todd, the founder of the comedy group, Improv Everywhere. “It’s always a fun project, and it’s really just a celebration of silliness,” said Todd. Riders randomly hop on […]

  • HPD Homeless Outreach Team working with shelters to get people off the street during cold conditions

    HOUSTON — This is the coldest stretch of weather Houston has felt since 2001, and it’s really taking a toll on the homeless. “We passed out lots and lots of blankets yesterday, just to try to keep people from freezing,” said Steve Wick, the HPD Homeless Outreach Team Sergeant. Houston’s Homeless Outreach Team is kicking into overdrive. “We conduct outreach to the chronic street population. We go to the camps and the places people are on the streets to connect […]

  • George P. Bush visits League City with Harvey relief updates

    HOUSTON — Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush traveled to League City Thursday to discuss issues for displaced Harvey victims. He stopped by to visit Scott Sharp, who is currently housed in a FEMA trailer. “It’s great, it’s comfortable, it’s compact, makes for a good camper,” said Sharp. Thousands of Texans are still recovering from the hurricane. An estimated 1. 2 million homes were impacted by the storm. The commissioner was proud to announce that some progress has been made. […]

  • Star of Hope gives homeless warm clothes, other resources as Houston prepares for freezing temperatures

    HOUSTON— It’s the coldest New Year’s Day since 2001, and the record cold temperatures has Star of Hope taking extra steps to make sure people living on the streets have a warm place to go. “With the arctic front coming in the Star of Hope is on a cold weather alert, and that means that instead of just fixed times for the guys on the streets to check in, what they are doing is opening the doors 24/7,” said Star […]

  • Good Samaritan in New Mexico takes down alleged car thief

    NEW MEXICO — A good Samaritan in New Mexico drove into some bad luck when he pulled over on the side of the road to help a couple whose car was stuck in a ditch. The man got out of his truck to help tow the car when the driver of the stuck car jumped in his truck and took off. That’s when the good Samaritan jumped into the bed of his truck to try and stop the thief. The […]