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    Expired: CW39 Monster Jam Sweepstakes

    Enter via text or online for your chance to four tickets to Monster Jam on Feb. 18 at NRG Stadium!

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    Expired: CW39 Texas Home & Garden Show Web Sweepstakes

    Enter for your chance to win four tickets to the Texas Home & Garden Show on February 17-19, 2017 at NRG Arena!

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    Expired: CW39 Monster Jam Sweepstakes

    Enter via text or online for your chance to four tickets to Monster Jam on EITHER Feb. 11 OR Feb. 12 at NRG Stadium!

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    Incredible video shows view of solar eclipse from plane at 35,000 feet

    ANCHORAGE — Alaska Airlines shared video of a solar eclipse as seen from 35,000 feet on Flight 870 from Anchorage to Honolulu. The flight left Anchorage on Tuesday around 2 p.m. local time. The eclipse peaked around 4:38 p.m. local time. Over a year ago, Joe Rao, an associate astronomer at the American Museum of Natural History, discovered the Alaska Airlines flight would intersect the “path of totality” during the eclipse. Rao and a dozen other “eclipse chasers” were on Tuesday’s flight to observe […]

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    Mom credits dog with saving sleeping boy with type 1 diabetes; post goes viral

    A mother is giving endless praises to the family dog for saving her diabetic 7-year-old from a potentially life-threatening incident in the middle of the night. Luke Nuttall’s mother Dorrie continuously checks his blood levels throughout the day, she said, but admits her son’s condition leaves him vulnerable when the family is asleep. Lucky for them, Jedi, a service dog with a fitting name, is trained to sniff out high and low levels of sugar in the young boy, who has Type 1 Diabetes. It’s a rare […]

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    Inside ‘McBarge’ — the eerie, abandoned floating McDonald’s

    Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication Vancouver, Canada — The “McBarge,” a floating McDonald’s abandoned for nearly 30 years, is set for a secret Super Size makeover. The restaurant, which cost almost $9 million to build, was originally part of Expo 86, a World’s Fair held in Vancouver in 1986. The original plan was for the barge was to move it to a new location after the expo ended. However, the restaurant lost its novelty and was abandoned. The site, formerly known […]

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    Reporter barely escapes scary crash caught on live TV; car hits camera

    SAN FRANCISCO — A reporter and photographer at KTVU were nearly struck by a car during a live report on Tuesday morning. Alex Savidge and his photographer, Chip Vaughan, were covering a train derailment live during KTVU’s morning show when the crash happened right behind them. One of the vehicles involved in the crash ran off the road and collided with the photographer’s camera. In an interview on the morning show, an emotional Savidge said he is grateful to be okay. “I heard Chip… […]

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    Country singer Joey Feek gives daughter ‘last kiss,’ falls into ‘deep sleep’

    INDIANAPOLIS — Joey Feek has said her last goodbyes and is in a “deep sleep,” her husband, Rory, wrote in a blog post shared on Monday. Rory Feek, who with his wife makes up the country duo Joey + Rory, has been documenting his wife’s battle with cancer on his blog, This Life I Live. Fans have been following their journey since Joey was diagnosed with cervical cancer a few months after she gave birth to their daughter, Indiana, in 2014. On Monday, […]

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    Man makes simple change, loses 100 pounds

    PROVO, Utah — We all have different ways to shed some pounds. One Utah man started his weight loss journey with his commute, and in the course of dropping 100 pounds he’s been helping the environment and himself. Most people drive their car to the FrontRunner station, but one man decided to start riding his bike instead. When he ditched the car, he lost weight. “I weighed 340 pounds, 50 years old, when I started doing it, and I certainly didn’t […]