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  • Houston Press Best of Houston®- Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

    HOUSTON — If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s chocolate chip cookies! And we know just the place to go for your cookie fix. The Houston Press names Red Dessert Dive the Best Place for Chocolate Chip Cookies in Houston! “We bake our cookies from scratch in-house every single day,” Executive Pastry Chef Ashley Leonard said. “We try to use the best quality ingredients that are available including Valrhona chocolate, which is a French chocolate. Having the […]

  • New study suggests psychopaths drink their coffee black

    HOUSTON– How you like your morning cup of joe, could say more about you than you know. A new study from the University of Innsbruck, found a connection between people who prefer their brew black and certain psychopathic personality traits. Another study from Gettysburg College, found people who like their coffee sweet, tend to have more agreeable and helpful personalities. So whether you’re sweet, or psycho, turns out there’s something primal, about our taste in coffee.

  • WeatherFix: Droughts, storms and heat waves

    HOUSTON — We all know that Mother Nature can be a fickle mistress, and it looks like Arizona is in the hot seat. The Grand Canyon State is looking at scorching highs of 120 degrees— only two degrees shy of the 1990 record. With temperatures reaching the triple-digits, American Airlines canceled all regional flights out of Phoenix for Tuesday. The airlines announced that their smaller planes only have a maximum operating temperature of 118 degrees. Mother Nature will also be […]

  • Galveston prepares for tropical storm Cindy, but are Houstonians taking Cindy seriously?

    GALVESTON COUNTY, Texas – While all eyes are on the Gulf as Tropical Storm Cindy makes a beeline for the Texas-Louisiana border, some residents on Bolivar Peninsula and surrounding counties are left worrying if they should evacuate. Since the National Weather Service is predicting up to six inches of rain and possibly five-foot tides combined with high winds, Galveston County issued a voluntary evacuation. Several residents, like Joanie Vyoral, are taking it seriously. “I have a small car and we’re taking […]

  • 64 percent of Americans admit to peeing in the pool

    HOUSTON — Prepare to be grossed out. You know it. I know it. Your kindergartner knows it. It’s one of the 10 Commandments of summer: Thou shalt not pee in the pool! And be honest, you’ve done it,  haven’t you? According to data from Travelzoo, a whopping 64 percent of Americans admit to peeing in the pool. And how about those red eyes you get after a long day of splashing around in the sun? Nope, not caused by water […]

  • Houston Press Best of Houston®- French Macarons

    HOUSTON — If you’ve been dreaming of a French getaway, wait no longer becuase your French feast is here. The Houston Press named Tout Suite, the Best French Macarons in Houston. No, not macaroons…macarons, there is a huge difference. Macarons come in a huge variety of fun flavors and they even offer macaron ice cream sandwiches to beat the heat. If you are looking for a fluffy sweet treat swing by Tout Suite and grab yourself a handful of heaven. […]

  • Houston median home sale price at all-time high

    HOUSTON- According to Houston Association of Realtor’s May 2017 report, there’s been a 28 percent increase in the sales of luxury houses compared to 2016. “Roughly since the election we’ve seen the $750,000 market and above see some increases anytime you have an election and possibly change happening, people tend to sit back and wait to see…in addition, we’ve seen the energy market, oil prices stabilize some in the last several months and so, I think those are all factors,” said […]

  • Neighbors of White Oak add City Hall to lawsuit

    HOUSTON- Dealing with a noisy neighbor is never fun, especially when it’s a massive music venue. The ongoing battle between White Oak Music Hall, and local neighbors is now becoming a legal issue. “Despite the best efforts of HPD to enforce the Houston sound ordinance, the city of Houston as an entity has not taken leadership in interpreting and directing accurate enforcement of the Houston sound ordinance,” said attorney Cris Feldman. The residents said the city has not given the […]

  • Houston Press Best of Houston®- Best Ice Cream

    HOUSTON- If this Houston heat has you screaming for ice cream, then we know just the place. The Houston Press names Cloud 10 Creamery the Best Ice Cream in Houston! “We try to use the freshest ingredients. We make everything in house, including the toppings, waffle cone batter; we’re known for the banana split. The banana split is the reason we started Cloud 10,” said Chris Leung, chef at Cloud 10. This creamery offers 10 original ice cream flavors, but Cloud […]