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  • Mastodon bone discovery could rewrite the history of mankind

    SAN DIEGO, Calif– A new discovery is shaking up the science world. “If it does turn out to be true it changes absolutely everything,” said John McNabb of the University of South Hampton. Mastodon bones found at an excavation site in San Diego could rewrite the history of mankind as we know it. “This is the first rock specimen that Richard discovered and that was in association with sharply broken bones of this mastodon and then we also found a […]

  • Caitlyn Jenner talks about OJ Simpson in candid interview

    NEW YORK– We all remember the white Bronco chase. Although it’s been nearly 25 years since their deaths, the never ending speculation surrounding the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman is still a topic of discussion. “I know he did it, there were three people at the crime scene, DNA evidence, three people at the crime scene,” said Caitlyn Jenner. Now there’s someone we weren’t expecting to talk crime with. While on a press tour for her new […]

  • The Makeover Takeover: How drag queens inspire the way women “beat” their faces today

    HOUSTON — The beauties behind a bold look that is sweeping the nation are not exactly who — or what — you think. Nobody does drag better than the “Queens” — Drag Queens, that is. For years, female impersonators have been emulating women — to perfection we may add. But now, the tables have turned. Now, women want to master the makeup techniques of the drag divas, and no one #SLAYS better than Alexye’us Paris, a headliner in the Houston […]

  • Website finds your doppelgangers across the globe

    HOUSTON– The age old saying that everyone has a look like might be true. According to a new website, it will help you find your look alike. The cool, but slightly creepy website uses facial recognition to match you with your doppleganger from all across the globe.   Finding your twin-stranger won’t even break the bank because the manual filter service is free. Just fill out a profile, add a picture, and wait for your matches.   Out of […]

  • Houston Press Best of Houston ®- Best Hobby Shop

    HOUSTON– We know the perfect place for you to keep your childhood spirit alive and escape from being a grown-up for a little while. The Houston Press names 8th Dimension Comics and Games the Best Hobby Shop in Houston. “We have a little something for everyone, we try to be your one stop shop for everything that’s fun, we have comics and games and toys, all kinds of different stuff that your whole family can enjoy,” Co-owner Annie Bulloch said. “We […]

  • Census report shows millennials are not hitting adulthood milestones

    WASHINGTON– We all march to the beat of our own drum but millennials are dancing to a totally different tune. A report from the Census Bureau, shows that today’s young adults are different from past generations in almost every way. The report looked at people ages 18 to 34, over the past 40 years and compared four common milestones of adulthood. In 1975 only 25 percent of young men made less than $30,000 a year, but that number is now […]

  • Dove builds nest on police cruiser in Pearland

    PEARLAND, Texas– The Pearland Police Department vows to protect and serve and that includes their feathered friends A mourning dove recently chose a Pearland police cruiser as the new home for her and her nest of eggs. “Every time the guys pull into the parking lot, instead of taking the backside of the employee parking lot, I see them come this way quite often, so they may not say it, but they all check on her,” said Officer James Wells, […]

  • Couple kicked off United flight on way to wedding

    HOUSTON– United Airlines has dominated headlines with one outrageous incident after another. Adding to the list of United blunders is a couple who were stranded while travelling to get married. Michael Hohl, and Amber Maxwell were on their way to their wedding in Costa Rica, when they were booted off their flight. United released a statement, which read in part: “These passengers repeatedly attempted to sit in upgraded seating which they did not purchase and they would not follow crew […]

  • Houston Press Best of Houston ® – Best Vape Shop

    HOUSTON– Move over tobacco industry, vaping is here and it is taking over the cigarette industry. The Houston Press, names Vapor Gypsy the best vape shop in Houston. With flavors like apple pie moonshine, pecan pie and sweet tea, they’ve got you covered. If you are new to vaping, there’s no need to stress over where or how to start. “From the minute that they walk through the door we are focused on what their needs are, what their intake […]