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    What to do if your car is damaged in flood

    HOUSTON — As the flood water rushed through Houston on Wednesday, many overzealous drivers, with a lapse in judgment, took their car for a swim. But for those who didn’t realize their ride wasn’t a submarine, there are things you can do to save your automobile. “If your car starts to stumble after driving through high water, if you can keep the RPMs up, sometimes that will help get the water through the engine. But once the engine dies from […]

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    Houston’s dueling MLK parades

    HOUSTON — As the nation celebrates Martin Luther King Jr, Houston doubled up on the festivities with not one, but two parades! With dueling parades only a few blocks apart on a day meant to celebrate unity, we have to wonder why not one? “I wish they both were together because this is about unity,” Shantel Woods said. “The fact that there`s two parades, it’s just spreading the love,” Kayla Griffin said. So how did Houstonians decide between the two? […]

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    National Day of Action sees Houston immigrants speak out against deportation

    HOUSTON – With Donald Trump taking office next week, concerns across the nation are rampant, especially for immigrants. In nearly 50 cities across the country, immigrants and their allies gathered for a National Day of Action, to prevent deportation of America’s immigrants. People gathered in Houston’s historic Sixth Ward, to tell their stories and show support for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which currently protects more than 60,000 Houston immigrants. Cheers rang out as people told their harrowing stories […]

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    People who use swear words tend to be more honest, study says

    Have you ever been told to wash your mouth out with soap? Well, one study suggests you may just be one honest son of a gun. Researchers with the Social Psychological and Personality Science Journal found that people who swear tend to be more truthful. The study linked cursing to straight-forwardness and concluded people who sugarcoat their conversation tend to be more dishonest. “It would be more honest because you don’t think about it, you just say how you feel,” Yvonne […]

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    Dayton animal shelter owner’s heart is bigger than her pockets

    HOUSTON — Nearly 150 animals seized from a shelter by the Houston SPCA have been returned after a controversial case against the rescue home was dismissed in court. The shelter is accused of housing the animals in unsuitable conditions and neglecting the animals’ medical health, but several area-residents are arguing there is more to the situation than what the eyes can see. “We’re deeply disappointed because yesterday at the hearing, there was a technical error with the warrant that was prepared […]

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    Will Houston be ready for Super Bowl LI?

    HOUSTON — The eyes of the world will be on Houston for Super Bowl LI, so efforts to spruce the Bayou City are well underway. New places to eat, an ice rink and entertainment at Discovery Green Park are among a few areas being improved. But will everything be ready in time for the big game? “We’ve been working non-stop for months now to ensure that everything is done in time,” Director of Public Releations AJ Mistretta at Houston First […]

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    Super Bowl selfie car-cake at Houston’s Bridal Extravaganza

    HOUSTON —  Finding your soul mate isn`t easy… But neither is planning a wedding… especially when it comes to the cake. However, at the Houston Bridal Extravaganza Show, you can have your cake and eat it too, thanks to this Super Bowl selfie car-cake made by Houston celebrity baker Nadine Moon. The faux Lambo features the logos of this year’s NFL playoff teams and Super Bowl 51 emblem. “It’s a beautiful, huge cake… I didn’t even realize it was a […]

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    Texas residents divided over Dan Patrick’s Women’s Privacy Act bill

    HOUSTON — Could there be an end to potty privacy in Texas soon? Lt. Governor Dan Patrick filed his Women’s Privacy Act and like North Carolina’s bathroom bill, it would require people to use the bathroom of their birth sex. The state received serious backlash from athletic organizations and celebrities a like. Several supports of Patrick’s bill said they are worried about the safety of their children, but its opponents believe the “it’s for the kids” justification is just a […]

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    Top 5 things to make someone fall in love with you

    Since the beginning of time, there’s one mystery that humans can’t seem to solve. How to get someone to fall in love with you. Maybe a love potion? Voo doo? Well, researchers from around the world have studied up and have developed some key “love me” traits. 1. People tend to fall for others who are like them. Wait! So opposites don’t attract? According to the study, it’s shared life experiences and levels of attractiveness that are crucial. 2. Look […]