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  • New study finds that 73 percent of people die with an average of 62k in debt

    WASHINGTON– It’s not a pretty thought but according to a recent study, you’re probably going to die in debt. According to’s 2016 data, 73 percent of consumers will die owing $62,000 on average in outstanding debt. The report was broken-down to show the percent of debt that each individual will leave after they have passed on. The majority of individuals will have 68 percent remaining in credit card debt, 37 percent in Mortgage debt and 25 percent in car loans. […]

  • Katy Perry pledges to stand up for LGBTQ teens

    HOUSTON– Katy Perry accepted the National Equality Award at the Human Rights Campaign Gala and discussed her sexual curiosity, while dealing with her strictly religious upbringing. Perry’s speech brings to light the plight of LGBTQ teens raised in religious families. “How was I going to reconcile that with the gospel singing girl raised in youth groups that were pro conversion camps? I wanted the pearly gates and unlimited FroYo toppings. So most of my unconscious adolescence I prayed the gay away […]

  • Best Of Houston: Houston Press names best Honky Tonk in Houston

    HOUSTON– Looking to have a little fun somewhere with cool country tunes? Well, look no further! The Houston Press names the Firehouse Saloon the “Best Honky Tonk” in Houston! “One of the unique things about the Firehouse Saloon is that we have our pulse on who’s the next big country star. Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw, Eric Church and Dierks Bentley have all played here. Miranda Lambert got her start here,” said owner Tom Imber. Firehouse Saloon was founded 25 years […]

  • Caught on Camera: Scientist discover postmortem rituals being performed by chimpanzees in Africa

    ZAMBIA, AFRICA- Looks like humans aren’t the only ones who tend to their dead. For the first time, scientists in Africa have captured chimpanzees practicing what they’re describing as a “death ritual.” A 33-year-old female chimp who lives at a wildlife orphanage in Zambia was seen grooming the dead body of a younger male chimp who she’d adopted after his mother died. The footage captured by the orphanage shows the mother and a few other chimps grooming and cleaning the […]

  • Xbox controller recall, cell phone explosions, are your gadgets trying to kill you?

    HOUSTON–  It’s attack of the machines! More than 120,000 smart-chargers for the XBOX-One controllers  were recalled on Tuesday, following complaints that they were overheating and emitting a burning smell. This recall comes days after a woman on a flight to Australia had her headphones explode mid-flight singeing her hair, burning her hands and covering her face in soot! Talk about a technology tantrum! Let’s not forget the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones that exploded mid flight and the iPhone 7 […]

  • Prominent gamer dies during 24 hour gaming marathon

    VIRGINIA BEACH, VA- Gamers across the country are rejoicing as the month of March brings major new game releases, but a recent death has the gaming community on edge. “Doing any kind of gaming marathon is very tough on your body, Breathe of the Wild just came out, and Mass Effect is scheduled to come out next week. Gamers really need to be aware of what their body is telling them,” Gamer, Scotty Thornton said. Gaming awareness has become very […]

  • CBO predicts millions of uninsured Americans

    WASHINGTON, D.C.- The new Republican plan to dismantle Obamacare could leave millions of Americans without healthcare. “The Republican bill pushes 24 million people off of health care — off of health coverage. This is a remarkable figure as it speaks so eloquently to the cruelty of the bill that the speaker calls an act of mercy,” said Rep. Nancy Pelosi, (D) Minority Leader. The U.S. Congressional Budget Office forecasts that 24 million more Americans would be uninsured by 2026, totaling […]

  • Man caught flipping off Google Earth camera

    GREENLAND- Big Brother is always watching, and one man in Greenland clearly isn’t happy about it. A hilarious GIF of a man flipping off a Google Earth camera was posted on Reddit, titled “Someone hates you, wherever you go.” Google’s technology has captured some side-splitting moments across the globe and there have been way too many people around the world caught with their pants down! So be careful what you do…. Because Google is always watching you….Muahahaha!

  • Sex toy company settles “smart” vibrator lawsuit

    ONTARIO, CANADA- With all this talk of wiretapping, what if someone was tapping into your sex life?  Well that’s just what one Canadian company did, and now they’re paying for it! Sex toy company, We-Vibe will be dishing out nearly $3.75 million dollars to customers who used their “smart” vibrators. The high-tech toys were designed for couples, allowing one partner to control the device via bluetooth and the app. But unbeknownst to the high-tech-sex couples, the company was collecting data […]