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    Best of Houston: Comic book store

    HOUSTON — With The Flash, Arrow and Supergirl in our primetime lineup — The CW39 is all in when it comes to comic book characters! But when it comes to actual comic books, the Houston Press has ordained Bed Rock City Comic Company the best collection in H-town. “We work really hard every year to try to be the best store we can, we really pride ourselves in customer service,” Manager David Whalen said. So what makes this place the […]

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    People worried as acts of anti-Semitism continue nationwide

    HOUSTON—  In the recent weeks, messages of anti-Semitism have been sweeping across the country. “We’re certainly very concerned about what appears to be a rise in antisemitism, but not just anti-Semitism, in hate in general,” Dena Marks, the associate director of the Anti-Defamation League’s Southwest Regional Office, said. Swastikas in Brooklyn subways, bomb threats and Jewish gravestones being overturned are just a few of the threats that have occurred. After more than 100 headstones were desecrated at a historic Jewish […]

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    Study says 83 percent of us will suffer from a mental illness by age 38

    DURHAM, N.C. — Do you ever feel like you’re losing your mind?? Who hasn’t? Right? A new study from Duke University highlights just how common mental illness really is. The study published in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology states that by age 38, 83 percent of people will have suffered from a mental illness. “Mental illness is a physical illness, the brain is a pretty important organ of the body, not much else works without it,” Susan Fordice, President and CEO […]

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    This song’s guaranteed to make your baby happy, researchers say

    We’re all in the pursuit of happiness, right? Well, good news — there’s finally a solution! Scientists teamed up with singer and song-writer Imogen Heap to create a song that’s proven to make babies happier! Yes, so this key to happiness is just for youngsters. The research found that babies prefer a woman’s voice, especially if it’s speaking in mommy chatter. Otherwise known as the ‘goo, goo, gaa, gaa’ most of us naturally speak in when talking to babies. C&G […]

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    Teen killed as tornadoes tear through Houston area

    HOUSTON — Waking up to severe weather alerts on Valentine’s Day is never fun! Early Tuesday morning, storms tore through parts of Wharton, Matagorda and Fort Bend counties and damaged several Rosenberg neighborhoods. “All I heard was a big boom, it sounded like a bomb dropped. I took the headphones off my ears, I looked around and it was pitched black. The walls were shaking. I walked through the back door and I saw debris flying inside the house. There […]

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    Houston makes list of best cities for threesomes

    HOUSTON — For many people, making a love connection can be hard. The endless sea of match-making apps proves it’s not easy finding “the one,” but some people are looking to share the love! Menage a trois anyone? Data from the app 3somer ranks Houston #5 in the best cities for threesomes. “Now, there’s an opportunity cause they’re seeing it in movies, cause they’re seeing it online, and cause there’s an app for that now, for monogamous couples to say […]

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    Spring homeowner haunted by bee infestation, honey dripping from house walls 

    Correction: A previous article suggested the federal government added Honey Bees (Apis Mellifera ) to the national endangered species list last year, so killing the insects was out of the question. While bees are on the list, it’s several species of bees that are not native to the southeast Texas region.   SPRING, Texas — A simple roof repair has a Spring woman in a sticky situation. When roofers came out to Latanja Lavine’s house, they made a startling discovery. […]

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    Tuberculosis showing up in southeast Texas schools

    FORT BEND CO. – As if there’s not enough drama to worry about in high school, now y ou can now add an old-school deadly disease to the list! Cases of tuberculosis are popping up around the area. The first case showed up at El Campo High School in Wharton County, then another case at Fort Bend’s Clements High School. Now, El Campo ISD is taking the bull by the horns with T.B. testing. The disease has students and parents freaked […]

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    Meditation or medication?

    HOUSTON– Work, kids, bills, taxes, traffic, smart phones, email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Netflix, politics…wash, rinse, repeat! Argggggggggg! It’s easy to be consumed by stress and anxiety. So what’s the best way to disconnect from all that noise and tune into inner-peace, meditation or medication? Many reach for chill pills, but a new study from Psychiatry Research finds that meditation could be a better remedy for anxiety. Next time you’re tempted to pop some pills, think twice. Maybe all you really […]