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  • Houston Drivers Prepare for Huge Highway Headache

    HOUSTON – There’s nothing quite like the sound of twisted metal scraping across the highway to start your day! An 18-wheeler crash on the southbound lanes of the West Loop snarled traffic for hours Friday, after it spilled bales of cotton all over the road. It took men in forklifts five hours to clean up the cotton-pickin’ mess! Speaking of messes on the road, the notorious traffic cluster that is the West Loop and Interstate 69 interchange near the Galleria […]

  • Texas Tech student pulled over in stolen gun case before officer’s killing

    \LUBBOCK, Texas- As the Texas Tech police department prepares to bury one of their own, Lubbock police are busy piecing together the capital murder case against Hollis Alvin Daniels, 19, the college student they say shot and killed officer Floyd East, Jr., Monday night on campus. One major bombshell unveiled: Lubbock police talked to Daniels the day before while investigating a report of a stolen gun. Turns out, Daniels’ car matched the suspect vehicle description, but he denied consent when […]

  • Houston rapper Z-RO ordered to stay away from his ex

    HOUSTON – The Houston rapper, whose real name is Brittany Bullock, was back in court Thursday seeking a protective order from fellow H-town rapper and ex-boyfriend, “Z-RO,” Joseph McVey. “Complete and total victory today,” said attorney Lisa Bloom, as she walked out of the courtroom hand-in-hand with “Just Brittany.” “Just Brittany” accused her ex of beating and threatening to kill her. On Tuesday, a grand jury no-billed “Z-RO” on a felony charge of assault on a family member, but he is […]

  • Houston rapper Z-RO faces misdemeanor charge in Just Brittany assault case

    HOUSTON — Houston rappers “Just Brittany” and “Z-RO” made an appearance in court concerning the aggravated assault case she filed against him Wednesday. “I just want to put all of this behind me, and move on with my career,” said “Just Brittany,” whose real name is Brittany Bullock. “Just Brittany,” looking serious in sunglasses, suit and tie, has hired attorney-to-the-stars Lisa Bloom to represent her. Bloom wasted no time correcting an earlier report that “Z-RO,” whose real name is Joseph […]

  • BP bumps up benefits, including gender reassignment surgery

    HOUSTON– BP just added some fantastic benefits for American workers. Let’s start with the headline grabber ‘transgender reassignment surgery.’ The oil giant said it decided to expand medical coverage to include the expensive procedure after talking to their LGBTQ employees. Maternity and paternity leave also made the list. The company bumped up benefits for moms from six weeks to ten. New dads, who had no time before, now get two weeks leave. Planning a family through adoption or surrogacy? Either […]

  • Drug counselors die after overdosing on opioids

    WEST BRANDYWINE, PA – In case you needed any more proof just how powerful drug addiction can be, look no further than the drug rehab facility in West Brandywine, Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia. What makes this story unusual, is that two drug counselors were found dead of apparent overdoses. Investigators said the counselors were found unresponsive in separate bedrooms at the Freedom Ridge Recovery Lodge. Alongside the bodies, investigators found used needles and heroin baggies stamped with “Superman” and “Danger” logos. […]

  • You’ve got to bee kidding: A London swarm and a million dollar heist

    LONDON — Rush hour was buzzin’ for a different reason in London Tuesday. Cell phone video shows a massive swarm of bees hovering on a street corner in southeast London, buggin’ the heck out of pedestrians! Buzzing back across the pond in Sacramento, Fresno County Sheriff’s Deputies say Pavel Tveretinov, 51, stole close to a million dollars worth of bees over the course of three years. Why, you ask, would anyone on earth want to do that? “When the pollination fees […]

  • Caught on video: Florida teen survives violent hit and run

    PASCO COUNTY, Fla–Sometimes life throws you a curveball. For one Florida teen, that curve ball came in the form of an out-of-control car. Johnny Walsh,14, was riding his bike on the sidewalk of his Pasco County neighborhood when a Ford Expedition hit a mailbox and headed straight for him. The wild incident was caught on nearby home surveillance cameras. “He swerved, hit the mailbox, hit the car, tried getting out of the way, then I got hit,” said Walsh. The […]

  • Teens accused of killing man they met on Craigslist

    WINTER HAVEN, Fla. — Craigslist is a convenient place to find many things, but one man’s search for sex ended with his murder. Two Florida teens are accused of committing the vicious crime. Police in Winter Haven said Jerry Johnsey, 18, and Byron Lasiak, 16, signed up for sex with Donald Merkely, 67, through a Craigslist ad. According to court documents, the boys wound up strangling and beating the man to death. “It’s a shame,” said neighbor Ron Towns, “he […]