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  • Closing Comments: Finding happiness in the misfortune of others; are you guilty?

    HOUSTON—Why is the misfortune of others considered entertainment? From politicians to Hollywood A-listers, this week has seen its fair share of career suicides. When watching television or whichever form of media you chose to use to receive the news do you get excited seeing powerful people fall from grace. If so, what does that say about you? With Thanksgiving around the corner maybe we should all give thanks and stop giving the cold shoulder to those who are on hard […]

  • Closing Comments: Land of the free! Speech that is

    HOUSTON—Freedom and free speech has become a hot topic since Trump has taken office. Like most issues the world is still very divided on what the two truly mean. Freedom of speech, freedom to kneel during the anthem, freedom to live in the U.S, freedom to build to a wall. These issue of freedom has always sparked debate and probably always will. As fellow Texan Janis Joplin once said, “Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose and […]

  • Closing Comments: Mixing business with pleasure the do’s and don’ts

    HOUSTON—The lane of what is and what isn’t appropriate with the opposite sex can differ depending on the person that you are conversing with. The difference between a genuine compliment and casual flirtation is usually safe, but common sexual advances if not returned is sexual harassment. Just to be on the safe side don’t mix business with pleasure. Otherwise you could end up unemployed or in a courtroom.

  • Closing Comments: Holiday feastgiving, knowing when to say when at the table

    HOUSTON— We all tend to eat more during the Holidays and that’s our right as American citizens. Unfortunately obesity costs the U.S. over a trillion dollars a year leading to higher healthcare costs for everyone. Food for thought! This year when you decide to go for that 6th piece of pumpkin pie don’t be mad when someone else decides to point out your irresponsible actions.

  • Closing Comments: Tis the season to break the bank

    HOUSTON—Local and National markets have already started pushing their holiday agenda’s but a new study suggests that most Americans would prefer to forgo the presents for family. The survey states that 69 percent of Americans would stop exchanging gifts if their family and friends agreed to it.  Another 60 Percent said they would spend more time with family if they didn’t have to worry about making or buying gifts. I don’t know about you but I’m all for the de […]

  • Closing Comments: Senseless acts of violence on the rise, who’s watching your back?

    HOUSTON— As we have seen time and time again, mass shooters and cowards are ambushing citizens at their most vulnerable. While the experts try to examine why these massacres are happening more frequently, the bottom line is that we can’t rely on others to watch our backs.

  • Closing Comments: Viewer Feedback

    HOUSTON— Woo-hoo. It’s Friday! Grego reads viewer feedback from NewsFix Houston’s Facebook page and recaps World Series celebrations.

  • Closing Comments: Grego makes good on World Series bet

    HOUSTON—Let the celebrations begin!!! The Astros are World Series Champions for the first time in Franchise History. I made a promise on national television that if the Astros won the World Series I would do my best Jose Altuve dance. Well, I am a man of my words! Just don’t go looking for me on Dancing with the Stars.

  • Closing Comments: The downside of living in a free society

    HOUSTON—Another terror attack has struck the U.S. and it reminds us that our freedom to carry out our day to day lives can be taken away in seconds. It’s a new world and unfortunately the see something say something frame of mind is often too little too late. Now more than ever we must accept that while Bureaucrats debate toughness, our safety and security is in our own hands.