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  • Closing Comments: Republicans vs. Democrats? No, not quite! 

    HOUSTON — My neighbor, who is an oil well firefighter and lifelong self-described blue dog Democrat, caught me in the street the other day. He said, “looks like we now know no matter who is in office, we the people always get screwed!” All and All, I have to say that’s a fair assessment. I think where many get it wrong is they still believe it’s Republicans versus Democrats when really it’s us— the American people — against an all powerful, […]

  • Closing Comments: Viewer Feedback

    HOUSTON— Viewer feedback is always interesting, and this time you have not let us down. Got more to say? Hit us up on Facebook or Twitter.

  • Closing Comments: Election Reform

    HOUSTON— The internet has been buzzing with the thoughts of a Biden, Trump match up. But seriously would you pay to see this? Maybe it’s the answer to keeping elections fair in America Either way, who do you thin would win? I’m taking bets.

  • Closing Comments: That’s the way the cookie crumbles

    HOUSTON— Through the prism of life in 2018, I believe that a new order of Girl Scout cookie sales is needed. Don’t ya think children in public with boxes of money are sitting ducks being placed in harms way?   Instead, why not sell girl scout cookies on-line or through an app where one could designate a donation to a troop of their choice? What do you think the correct solution is? Or none at all?

  • Closing Comments: Viewer Feedback

    HOUSTON– Grego reads viewer feedback from Facebook and Twitter. Got some thoughts on a story or something on your mind, hit us up on Facebook or Twitter.

  • Closing Comments: Summer maintenance

    HOUSTON— Summer is approaching and Texas summers are in a lane all their own. I hope your car is ready? Tires, brakes, coolant, belts and struts! I bet it’s time for a check. The heat can cause serious damage so be ready fellow Texans.  

  • Closing Comments: Walk this way!

    HOUSTON— National school walkouts over guns today!  No debating it is a ‘good thing’ to raise awareness, maybe change minds, and  continue the conversation about guns and violence. But what about the kids who aren’t anti-gun? Do you think they truly understand or have they been coached by their parents? Right or wrong, the fact that we are even starting conversations about it is a step in the right direction.

  • Closing Comments: Freedom of speech, or not!

    HOUSTON— Many of us have started to notice it but for those who have not let me inform you that there’s a ‘speech war’ going on! Take for instance social media. Anything you post is subject to be criticized and ridiculed for speaking your mind. An internet bill of rights- involving ‘speech’ is in order. But for now we must fight for our right to post what the heck we want!

  • Closing Comments: Did OJ Simpson get away with murder? 

    HOUSTON— One day after Fox aired a never before seen interview with OJ Simpson from 2006, once again people are discussing the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. So was what we witnessed in this ‘lost footage’ in fact a ‘confession’ by OJ? Hit us up on Facebook and let us know your feelings then and now. Did OJ Simpson get away with murder?