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  • Craig meets the Houston Arm Wrestling Association

    HOUSTON– Craig Hlavaty recently met up with the Houston Arm Wrestling Association to learn about a unique group of burly grapplers. Craig quickly learned that arm wrestling is not just about brawn, it’s also about brains.

  • Members of Fifth Ward community protest budget cuts to superfund site

    HOUSTON – In Houston’s historic Fifth Ward, neighbors worry that politics and profits are taking priority over cleaning up their community. “We’re boxed in with toxic hazards, and that is unacceptable,” says Joetta Stevenson with the Fifth Ward Super Neighborhood Civic Club.  “To prioritize quick development over the full cleanup of a contaminated neighborhood is not just only gentrification at its worst, it’s environmental racism.” The M.D.I. Superfund site is a 35-acre tract of land contaminated from a foundry that […]

  • Houston Press Best of Houston® names Burger Chan restaurant home of the Best Milkshakes

    HOUSTON– If the summer time heat has got you down in the  dumps, a nice cold milkshake might help lift your spirits. Good thing The Houston Press has named the milkshake at ‘Burger Chan,’ formerly ‘Kuma Burgers,’ the best milkshake in Houston! The Milo, is considered the best on the menu. “It begins with our ice cream base, which we make in house. Once that’s made, chilled, it goes in the machine, where it needs to churn for a little […]

  • GLITCH: Comic-Con, Wonder Woman sequel and computer chips

    HOUSTON– More than 30 minutes of awesome film and television trailers were released at SDCC, AND we’ve got the highlights. In Hollywood Wonder Woman drops sequel news with a viral video of Gal Gadot comforting a starstruck fan. And microchipping is now a thing. That’s right, sci-fi enthusiasts. A Wisconsin company is microchipping their employees during a “chip party” on August 1. “Employees will be implanted with a RFID chip allowing them to make purchases in their break room micro market, […]

  • Young entrepreneur bakes his way to success

    CYPRESS, Texas– A paper route, mowing lawns and dog walking are all popular first jobs for young budding entrepreneurs. But for 14-year-old Andrew Nichols, it’s always been cakes. “I guess it started when my mom was a baker, it just got me very intrigued, she baked all my birthday cakes,” Nichols said. For five years now, Andrew has been mastering his craft. “I learned how to sculpt flowers and do a lot of the detail and the nitty gritty stuff […]

  • Music Poll: Hip-hop, R&B surpass rock in popularity for the first time ever

    HOUSTON — Hip-hop and R&B has come a long way.  According to Nielsen Music numbers, it’s now surpassed rock as the most listened to music genre in America! Hip-hop and R&B are now responsible for a 25 percent of all music consumed in the United States, with rock slipping down to 23 percent. Houston Hip-hop artist Guilla is a fan of both genres. “I listened to a lot of rock growing up; I grew up on System of a Down, […]

  • Between The Lines: Craig gets his wag on at Wag’n World

    HOUSTON– Craig Hlavaty recently visited Wag’n World in Montrose, where an entrepreneur escaped the oil and gas world to make his dream of pampering area dogs a reality. Craig may have found his seventh side gig.

  • New face recognition software being tested at Bush Intercontinental Airport

    HOUSTON – If you’re flying internationally through Bush Intercontinental Airport, you might be asked to take a sort of “selfie,” just before you board the plane. “So the program that you’re witnessing here is called biometric exit technology. What we’re doing is taking real time photos, of people exiting the United States. This is important because it’s an extra layer of security. We want to make sure you are who you say you are. It also assists us in ensuring […]

  • On 2-year anniversary of death, man who saw Sandra Bland with trooper says he regrets not intervening

    WALLER COUNTY, TEXAS —  July 13th, 2017 is two years to the day since the death of Sandra Bland. Events leading to her death started on University – a road that now bares her name, and a memorial, just down the road from Prairie View A&M University. Bland was on her way to a start a new job and a new life at Prairie View A&M, returning to the campus where she had played in the band, and connected with […]