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  • Roy Moore learned kick boxing from Galveston martial arts instructor

    GALVESTON, Texas – Long before Roy Moore was forced to defend himself against accusations of sexual assault he was learning how to defend himself physically, right here in Galveston with Ishmael Robles. A World Title holder and 10th degree black belt Robles has been teaching martial arts for 42 years. Robles taught the one and only Judge Roy Moore to kick box back in the 80’s when the politician came to Texas to lick his wounds after losing an election in […]

  • Craig experiences the healing poking of acupuncture

    HOUSTON — Recently Craig Hlavaty, no stranger to tattoo and and piercing needles, tried out acupuncture for the first time thanks to weMed Wellness in Houston. He was nervous at first, but he seems to have enjoyed being poked in the face and head. Will this be the key to de-stressing after Hurricane Harvey and the Astros?

  • Five Texas congressmen are retiring across the state; 2018 looks to be contested primary

    HOUSTON -Five Congressmen from Texas have announced they’re retiring from their coveted place of power in Washington, D.C. “It’s pretty unusual, you don’t see a lot of retirements happening, especially you don’t see a lot of retirements happening all at once,” said University of Houston Political Science Professor, Brandon Rottinghaus. Republican Ted Poe was one of the first and most recently Democratic Congressman Gene Green. What’s going on? “Most of the time it’s the case that the member’s are getting […]

  • Housing Houston: City, private groups team up to help house city’s homeless 

    HOUSTON — Mayor Sylvester Turner laid out Houston’s approach to extreme poverty at a recent press conference near the Wheeler Street homeless encampment. “The goal is to reduce homelessness and provide them with housing,” Turner said. The Way Home is a collaboration of private and public organizations with a mission to house Houston’s most vulnerable people. “Getting a roof over someone’s head is the first and most important step to ending homelessness but it starts there. It doesn’t end there. […]

  • The search for World Series Houston Astros championship merchandise is on!

    HOUSTON – It started late Wednesday night, before the game was even over. “We had fans actually show up last night during the game in the second inning. They’re lining up. They had TVs set up outside and just waiting for that game to end, that last pitch to come across. So as soon as it did, all 31 Academy stores across Houston opened up,” explained Shane Carlisle with Academy Sports and Outdoors. They weren’t the only ones in on […]

  • Harris County DA’s Office speaks about $4 million grant to help violent crime, sex trafficking victims

    HOUSTON — The Harris County District Attorney’s Office held a press conference Monday morning to discuss the $4 million in grants it has received to help violent crime victims and to combat sex traffickers. “City, county, state government recognizes the importance and priority that our communities place on these types of public safety problems, and we’re trying to hit those problems first,” says District Attorney Kim Ogg. The money will allow the Harris County District Attorney’s Office to double their […]

  • Hope for housing Houston’s homeless, and a new round of encampment cleaning 

    HOUSTON — Following the shooting death of a possibly homeless man near a Midtown encampment earlier in the week, the plight of Houston’s homeless is front and center, and now the mayor has recommitted to addressing the dilemma. On Thursday, Mayor Sylvester Turner noted the injunction preventing Houston’s homeless ordinance from being enforced. “The situation has gotten worsened and prior to the temporary restraining order, the situation was getting better,” Turner said. Tents are not unique to Houston, but an […]

  • Craig visits Destination Moon exhibit at Space Center Houston

    HOUSTON— Craig Hlavaty recently visited the new Destination Moon exhibit at Space Center Houston, which features the actual Apollo 11 command module that Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins and Neil Armstrong came home from the moon inside. It’s a must-see for anyone who still has dreams of being an astronaut, or maybe raising one of their own.

  • Houston Astro pitches in to save some pups

    HOUSTON – He pitched a save in Game 7 against the Yankees, clinching the ALCS. And now the World Champion Houston Astro, Lance McCullers, Jr. stayed in Houston, just days after the World Series win, to help save some four legged Houstonians. “I think it`s even more important now that we have even a bigger platform to try and make even a bigger impact Houston Pet’s Alive! And Austin Pets Alive! after the hurricane we saved over 2,000 dogs already […]