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  • Wristbands at Baylor College of Medicine helps to study Harvey

    HOUSTON – Wristbands being handed out Friday at Baylor College of Medicine Friday weren’t just a fashion statement, they are part of research that could help protect survivors of the next storm like Harvey. “We don’t really know the health effects from water and hurricane damage and from water that has been accumulated in our homes. We want to know what the long term effects are,” said Melissa Bondy with Baylor College of Medicine. Oregon State University came up with […]

  • Strangers become family after Harvey heroism

    HOUSTON – When Houston Community College dismissed their employees early the Friday before Harvey hit Houston, Cynthia Avalos had no clue what she was in for. “We have six dogs. If somebody comes in a boat, they’re probably going to say ‘you have to leave your dogs behind,’ and we didn’t want to hear that so that’s kinda why we hesitated to leave the house,’ Avalos explained. By Monday, she had nearly a foot of water in her home that […]

  • Craig goes to Cougars football practice

    HOUSTON — Craig Hlavaty recently went to hang out at Houston Cougars football practice to catch up with some of the team’s top players. Craig asked the guys what they do for fun when they aren’t sleeping, going to class, or playing football. 

  • Condominium in Memorial struggling with post-Harvey destruction

    HOUSTON — Residents living in The Pines Condominiums in Memorial woke up to a surprise the Monday morning Harvey dumped devastating rainfall all across southeast Texas. “In the morning my wife gets a text message, from the neighbors upstairs… If you need to get out of the water you can come up stairs. We had no idea what she was talking about… I`d say it was about the height of my cell phone so about right there,” said resident Naeem […]

  • Toys R Us files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

    HOUSTON – If things don’t change for toy retail giant Toys R Us, the days of Geoffrey the Giraffe are numbered. The 69-year-old toy store has filed for bankruptcy protection as it tries to reorganize. They’re not alone. Many brick and mortar stores have struggled, or simply given up, and industry analysts see a trend. Dr. Dale Konicek, Adjunct Professor of Banking and Finance at Houston Community College explained, “I think that some of the designers didn’t really think that […]

  • Decision not to recall additional Houston firefighters during Harvey draws controversy

    HOUSTON – Harvey floodwaters were ruthless, and heroes were in no short supply. But an email sent out to Houston Firefighters is drawing scrutiny onto the administration’s decision not to recall additional shifts to come on duty. The email read: “Firefighters who are not scheduled to work are asked to refrain from coming into the station unless otherwise notified by HFD Command.” “When 12,000 members of the National Guard are recalled, and the Houston Firefighters have still not been recalled, […]

  • GPS data shows Harvey bent the Earth’s crust beneath Houston

    HOUSTON — Hurricane Harvey gave plenty of people in Houston a sinking feeling. Turns out, it wasn’t just emotional— it was also geological! GPS data from the Nevada Geodetic Laboratory and the University of Nevada-Reno shows that the 1 trillion gallons of rainfall Harvey left over Houston in four days caused the area to sink by two centimeters. “It’s a real phenomenon, and it’s something that’s related to the fact that the Earth’s crust and underlying mantle behaves kinda like […]

  • Groups start nationwide partnership to save animals affected by Hurricane Harvey

    HOUSTON — During Hurricane Katrina, the Louisiana SPCA estimated 100,000 pets were left behind. Watching that, many decided pets definitively deserve saving, too. Organizations from around the country have teamed up here at Pet Reunion Pavilion inside NRG Arena, where over 500 animals are being temporarily housed in hopes their owners will come and find them. Wednesday, PetSet Houston lightened the load a little. “We are loading two busses headed to Santa Barbara to shelters, no-kill shelters, in Santa Barbara, […]

  • Houston’s rental market gets ruthless after Harvey

    HOUSTON — After Harvey got through with us,  finding an affordable place to rent in Houston is getting down-right difficult! “All the apartments have bumped up their pricing, at least a 10% increase,” Victor Zhou with ULR Refined Real Estate said. Remember just last year when luxury apartments were bending over backwards to fill space? Offers of flat screen TVs, Apple watches or two months free rent have evaporated quicker than standing water. “The apartments have pulled back on specials […]