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  • Are you smarter than the average person? Here’s how to find out!

    HOUSTON – Have you ever been somewhere and thought, “I’ve got to be the smartest person in the room.” Studies show that if you have certain traits, you might have above-average brain power. Do you want to see how you measure up? There are four ways to tell: Are you funny? A 2011 study says funny and smart run hand in hard. Silly right? Are you tall? A 2008 study found children of higher elevation did much better on I.Q. […]

  • Cha-ching! How to earn up to $1,000 per month on Craigslist

    HOUSTON– If you are one of the many people searching for work this summer and looking to supplement your income, Craiglist may be the place for you. Meet Marianella Orlando, by day she works at Houstonia Magazine in the Heights, but at night she rakes in the dough by doing odd jobs around the city. Orlando uses the Gigs column on the Craigslist website to score her extra pay day. I’m sure we could all use an extra $1,000 a […]

  • 21st anniversary of DJ Screw’s June 27th mixtape

    HOUSTON– Houston rap has become synonymously known for its chopped and screwed sound. When you hear that “slooooowed down rap beat”…only one name comes to mind. Houston Hip-Hop culture founder DJ Screw. The original origin dates back to the early 90s when he released a series of underground cassette tapes, simply called “The Gray Tapes.” It’s been 16 years since Houston said goodbye to DJ Screw, but that certainly hasn’t stopped music lovers from keeping his legacy alive. We pay […]

  • The aftermath of Tropical Storm Cindy

    HOUSTON — Get ready people, hurricane season’s just got underway and we’ve seen some scrambling already, but following the hit of Tropical Storm Cindy in Galveston, it’s business as usual. And in Houston we got like what, only two inches of rain? Still, through all the hype, the National Weather Service says Cindy did exactly what she was supposed to do. Police are investigating to see if a death at Galveston Beach was storm-related, however. A body was found in […]

  • Houstonia Magazine list best ways to beat the Houston heat

    HOUSTON– Don’t you just love the Summer? It’s hot as all get out, the kids won’t stop screaming and if you think you’re gonna get some rest and relaxation. Fugetaboutit! Well, serenity row has started a Space City Float Center where sensory deprivation is sure to make the stress, anxiety and muscle aches just melt away. The kiddos taking up too much time for you to get away? Pack ‘em in the car and head over to the Omni Hotel […]

  • Sean Spicer’s best moments as Press Secretary

    WASHINGTON– It’s official, the hardest working man in the White House Sean Spicer may just have stood at the podium for his last hurrah as Press Secretary for the Trump Administration. He’s been promoted to White House Communications Chief and it’s up to “Sugar and Spice” himself to find a replacement. So in true Newsfix style, we gotta send him off with a bang. …..It’s time for The Roast of Sean Spicer!!!

  • Harassment video goes viral: Man calls cops on a cop during routine traffic stop

    FRIENDSWOOD, Texas– We’ve seen it time after time, after time. Saying the exact wrong thing at exactly the wrong time and with camera’s rolling. Case in point, a routine traffic stop in Friendswood. A DPS officer pulls over Steven Jackson for alleged speeding and finds out that Jackson has a gun in the car and asks to see it. After Jackson declines the request to garnish his weapon to the officer the patrolman had this to say. “OK I’ll find […]

  • Study claims people would eat more vegetables if they had sexier names

    HOUSTON, TX — Vegetables should be the main source of our diet, but no one really wants to eat them. Some smart guys at Stanford University just discovered that our hatred for all vegetable kind may come from their not so appetizing names. Who wants to eat plain ole green beans, when they could eat “Sizzling” green beans or “Glazed” asparagus? Now that’s enticing. Maybe some “Crispy” shallots are more your thing rather than boring onions. The study says 25 […]

  • Father’s Day spending projected to reach all time high

    HOUSTON– According to the National Retail Association, American’s will spend a record breaking $15.3 billion bucks this year on gifts for dear old Dad. And what do get a new dad these days? Census Bureau Data said the number of brand new dads taking paternity leave has quadrupled since 1994. 22,000 men per month are taking time off to spend time with the family. The U.S. Department of Labor says children with more involved fathers have fewer behavioral  problems and improved […]