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  • What ever happened to ‘Wink’ the cat who went missing after burglary in The Heights

    HOUSTON – In February, NewsFix told you about a cat burglar who broke into El Gato Cat Café in The Heights. The thief stole $250 in donations, but much worse, the guy left the back door open when he exited the establishment allowing six of the 10 resident felines to escape. Among the cats to get out was a 9-year-old fluffy Ragdoll named Wink. Now Wink’s staying in the Senior Room at the café’s partner Friends For Life non-kill shelter […]

  • What’s the first thing you think of when you wake up? First thoughts help determine stress level for the day

    HOUSTON – Quick question, what’s the first thing you think about when you get up in the morning? New research suggests your initial thoughts could determine how stressful of a day you’re going to have. Topping the list of average first thoughts are: The weather A task at work Heath-related issues Experts say, waking up to thoughts of family troubles, the manic school rush, what’s new on social media or your financial situation ends with many Americans not taking care […]

  • Inside Story: ‘Death by Natural Causes’ exhibit at Museum of Natural Science

    HOUSTON —  “Lions and tigers and bears.  Oh my!!!” Turns out, when it comes to dying, the things we fear the most are actually the least of our worries. Welcome to “Death by Natural Causes,” one of the deadliest exhibits to haunt the halls of Houston’s Museum of Natural Science, educating Houstonians on the range of “animal, vegetable and mineral” dangers that lurk in our everyday lives. Death by Natural Causes runs through Labor Day. Let’s join the tour and […]

  • Texas, what do you think about a global trans fat ban? 

    HOUSTON — Oh man! That burger looks so good right now! Problem is, the World Health Organization wants to ruin it by pulling the plug on all artificial trans fats around the world by the year 2023. The organization says trans fats can lead to heart disease, stroke, and type two diabetes. So why not do away with it completely? It’s all thanks to former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg who axed trans fats for the Big Apple like […]

  • How can you tell if mom hates her Mother’s Day gift

    HOUSTON — Mother’s Day is upon us! What’s it mean to you? If you haven’t already, there’s still time to pick up a last-minute gift for the one of a kind woman who carried you around for nine months. Oh, and that whole labor thing was no picnic either. So don’t blow it! The National Retail Federation says shoppers will spend a whopping $4.6 billion visiting the jewelry store this year, buying on a budget of $180 per person. And […]

  • Dreams become realities for 2 TSU employees: Hurricane Harvey brings unexpected baby girl; 72-year-old graduates college

    HOUSTON —There are major milestones that we all celebrate in life, and two Texas Southern University employees found their blessings in major ways right around the same time. One such milestone is motherhood. Sometimes it’s planned, sometimes it’s unexpected, and thanks to Hurricane Harvey, Dr. Bernada Baker became one — and as Mother’s Day nears — it’s becoming official. Baby Bella and her dad were living in a car that was swept away by the storm. That’s when Baker opened […]

  • Inside Story: A survey to stop sexual harassment in the workplace

    HOUSTON – With all we’ve endured and overcome in this country, one would think sexual harassment would be a thing of the past. Right? Yet, allegations against Matt Lauer, Harvey Weinstein, and former CBS News anchor Charlie Rose, among others, keep bringing up the issue. It’s no wonder B3OND, a survey and analytic company, would get involved. CEO Heather Yanak says it was Harvey Weinstein’s decades of alleged sexual abuse becoming front page fodder that convinced the Houston attorney along […]

  • Why are bicycle deaths becoming part of Houston’s landscape?

    HOUSTON — Silent protest at City Hall, a die-in of sorts, shedding light on the many cyclists who have died on Houston streets. Protesters demanded safer roads and for drivers to be held accountable for bicycle fatalities and accidents. Deaths like Sudipta Roy, who was riding near Rice University on April 24 when a dump truck fatally hit her. Attorney Robert Kwok’s filing a restraining order against the owner of the dump truck, so evidence related to the incident can be […]

  • Like your privacy? What social media knows about you and 10 tips to protect your information

    HOUSTON — Welcome to the age of social media, where oversharing every aspect of our lives is the norm! Yet, everyone still expects privacy online somehow. But when it comes to signing up for any social media or just purchasing a smart device for that matter. By clicking the “I agree button” on the privacy settings — without reading it, of course — all your personal information could be sold to the highest bidder. Well, no more! We like our […]