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  • How long does it takes your trash to melt completely into the ground?

    HOUSTON– Thanks to the good people of Save on Energy and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. We find that A used paper towel can last up to 4 weeks before decomposing and a plastic bag can last 20 years. A diaper lives on for almost half a century and a glass bottle can last up to a million years. It’s funny, they say time can heal all wounds. But when it comes to littering. It’s better to not than to […]

  • A Third Ward AirBNB takes his guests on a tour into History

    HOUSTON– One guy is on a mission to bring awareness to the once bustling metropolis of Third Ward. In fact, he opened an AirBNB right in the heart of it. Let’s hit the ground walking and take a Third Ward tour alongside Edward Pettitt in today’s Inside Story from the pages of Houstonia.

  • What a dating prospects smell and sound can tell you

    HOUSTON– A group of psychologists from all over the world recently compiled 30 years worth of pure attraction situations. The study claims that women can sense if a man is more dominant and more attractive based on their natural odor. While men can actually sniff out how fertile a lady is. The study also claims that the soothing tone of male voices can paint a picture of how cooperative he can be and a lot about his physical strength. Research […]

  • bugs

    Houstonians dine on creepy crawlies — here’s where you can, too!

    HOUSTON– Some cultures eat insects all the time. Beetle’s, ants, worms and 1,900 other insect species contain protein, fiber and iron— making them an excellent nutrition source. As a matter of fact, the United Nations said everyone should have bugs in their diet. Just walk in the door of Xochi at the Marriott Marquis Downtown, where creepy crawlies are most definitely on the menu. If you have more of a sweet tooth, maybe the candy crickets snack machine at the Houston […]

  • Pasadena Strawberry Festival gets its biggest strawberry shortcake

    PASADENA, Texas — Take a scrumptious bite out of this! The 44th Annual Strawberry Festival is in town, and they’ll be serving up the largest strawberry shortcake that anyone ’round here’s every seen! Pack up the family and then hit the road to Pasadena, where more than 60,000 folk will be attending the festival from May 19 to 24. Let’s join the party, at the only place awesome enough to back a $1,800 square foot strawberry shortcake in the latest […]

  • Comicpolooza 2017 open for business

    HOUSTON — Comicpalooza serves as the largest pop culture festival in Texas. This years festival will be held Friday, May 12 to Sunday, May 14 at the George R. Brown Convention Center. There’s something for everyone. From pop culture and science fiction to gaming and innovative technology. Many will come to see the stars and stay for the cosplay. The lineup consists of Texas Ranger; Chuck Norris, Power Rangers; Amy Jo Johnson, Nightmare on Elm Street, Robert Englung to name […]

  • Smiling in pictures makes you look older

    HOUSTON– A new study from the University of Western Ontario said, you might want to pull out the good ole poker face next time you snap a pic. The Canadian survey found that smiling actually makes you look 2 years older. Smiling makes the eyes contract revealing the horrifying wrinkles none of us want to acknowledge. That means the polar opposite is also true. When you put on a surprised look where the eyes are more open the wrinkles in your […]

  • Texas House bill allows adoption agencies to reject parents on religious, sexual beliefs

    HOUSTON– Every foster child deserves a loving and caring forever home. Most kids don’t care what religion you are, your marital status or what type of person you love. Well, that process could see some changes in the Lone Star State. The Texas Senate has passed a bill that allows religion, sexual orientation and marital status to play a legal role in adoption proceedings. Critics of the change feel this isn’t so much about religion but rather keeping kids out of […]

  • Pearland High School student elected member of the school board

    PEARLAND, Texas– It’s literally out with the old and in with the new at Pearland ISD. 18-year-old Mike Floyd was recently voted Pearland ISD School Board’s newest Trustee. Floyd beat out incumbent Rusty DeBorde by nearly 10 percent of the vote. Floyd will actually be sworn into his post before he graduates high school and said he is excited to take part in making decisions for the district that he calls home. He just hopes his new colleagues will play ball. […]