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  • Can Cell Phone really cause brain tumors?

    HOUSTON– It is a well known myth that radiation due to cell phones may be hazardous to your health. A Judge in Italy thinks so. A telecommunications worker got himself paid when a brain tumor developed causing him to lose hearing in one ear. The court decided that excess brain growth was the direct result of the worker being on his phone for 3 hours a day over the last 15 years. Problem is, there’s no real medical evidence to […]

  • Houston launches a citywide billboard campaign to end domestic abuse

    HOUSTON– It’s scary but we live in the second worst county for domestic abuse in the Lone Star State. An estimated 250,000 women are abused in Harris County. The City of Houston, along with Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse or AVDA, is launching a new billboard campaign with the help of Houston Texan DeAndre Hopkins. 12 new billboards will catch the eye of an estimated 3 million highway travelers soon with a clear message everyone can get behind. “Domestic […]

  • Inside Story: World’s worst dog right here in Houston

    HOUSTON– The worst dog in Houston has officially been announced. 8-year-old- Waffles has claimed the worst dog title by Houstonia Magazine. Speaking of early Christmas presents… Waffles got a new shirt that more than adequately describes her whole life. 🦀🐶 A post shared by Katharine Ermis (@kshilcutt) on Dec 24, 2016 at 3:27pm PST “She’s pretty awful, she acts out when she is unhappy. She communicates through pooping on your pillow in the middle of the day when you’re gone, […]

  • 2016 Tax Day Flood: one year later

    HOUSTON – You know it’s bad when every time it rains, everyone just kind of figures Meyerland flooded! These days, drive around Braes Bayou and you will see homes lifted about three feet off the ground and a virtual sea of “For Sale” signs. It’s all thanks to the 17 inches of water left by the torrential down pour exactly one year ago. Never fear, Harris County is here. The Flood Control District is spending millions to expand the 31-mile […]

  • Time to chow down, Houston Black Restaurant Week is back!

    HOUSTON–  Follow your fork and listen to your taste buds because Houston Black Restaurant Week is back. This year the festivities will run from April 17 – 30. That’s two weeks to enjoy flavors ranging from Cajun, Ethiopian, Nigerian, Caribbean and Southern. With 20 local restaurants joining in, you’ll find casual dining from $15 to $25, and fine dining from $35 to $45. All proceeds from Black Restaurant Week will benefit the Blue Triangle Community Center to help with renovations.

  • Houston’s historic Kirby Mansion in jeopardy of being demolished

    HOUSTON– Houston Historian R.W. McKinney takes us on a rare tour of the historical 17,000 square foot Kirby Mansion. The home dates back to 1892 and was renovated in 1925 by lumber magnate and one of Texas’ first millionaires John Henry Kirby. The mansion is noted for hosting world dignitaries and U.S. Presidents FDR, Herbert Hoover and George H.W. Bush and world leaders like Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Join us as we explore the 36 plus rooms that include Kirby’s bedroom, […]

  • Market Square Tower pool goes viral…again!

    HOUSTON — Have you ever seen a view like the one from the skypool at the Market Square Tower Apartments? There’s almost nothing like it. The pool has become an internet sensation twice. You may recognize it from a YouTube video back in February when some amigos snuck in for a dip while it the building was still under construction. Apartment residents and their guest are able to take a swim in the glass-bottom pool, which is 42 stories above […]

  • Cy Falls Senior will do anything to get to the Prom

    HOUSTON– Everyone has experienced the feeling of wanting something so bad, that you were willing to do just about anything to get it. One Cy Falls high schooler said he’ll do anything to be seen at his senior prom. Jeremy Robinson’s has had quite the rough road. Recent surgery left his single mother with mountains of medical bills and not nearly enough money to go around. Robinson decided to look to Craigslist for help by posting an ad that read: […]

  • Inside Story: Best Houston neighborhoods to live in

    HOUSTON — Finding the perfect place to live can be relentless. It’s especially hard in the huge, sprawling and very diverse landscape of the Bayou City. In the latest Inside Story, we reviewed three of the best Houston hot spots to lay your head. The Heights Houston has become very popular in recent years. The historically chic and swanky district offers homes for $450,000 and most restaurants are pet friendly. The neighborhood has also become a mainstay for unique boutiques […]