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  • Time to throw a lil’ political shade…Omarosa’s out of the White House!

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – Omarosa’s out of the White House. Let the trash talk begin! Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts threw as “Bye Felicia” after the ousted White House aide’s interview with Michael Strahan. So in true drama queen fashion, Omarosa is declaring a “black woman civil war” on Roberts, calling her “petty” for the post interview dis. Yet, on ABC’s Nightline, Omarosa added another reason for leaving which some might call petty, saying, “There was a lack of diversity that […]

  • How a Grinch almost stole Christmas: Thief steals presents from car being donated to Harvey victims

    CHANNELVIEW, Texas- Who doesn’t dream of getting an over-sized gift topped with a red bow? Only to have it taken by a Grinch? Vanessa Zuniga and her son Nathan received a rehab car full of presents from Bates Collision Center in Channelview after their car was lost in Hurricane Harvey. It’s the 19th year and 34th car given away by the center through the Deserving Parent Award Program, but sadly, this happy day almost didn’t happen. Somebody stole all the […]

  • Mistaken identity almost leads to deportation of Houston father

    HOUSTON — It’s a story all to common these days: immigration officers and a case of mistaken identity. Juan Francisco Rodriguez and his family were taken to the steps of the ICE building in north Houston Monday to check in after a case of mistaken identity. “I was driving my truck I was about to go to work you know and these guys they just stop me for nothing. It was confuse man, they were looking for Marcus Arredondo and […]

  • Snowmageddon 2017 in H-town

    HOUSTON — If there was ever a day to be late for the school bus, this was it. Snow filled dreams became reality all over Houston as kids of all ages ran out to play. Upward of two inches of snow blanketed H-town overnight putting the crown jewel on what’s already been a very eventful year for the Bayou City. 2017 started with what some have called the best Super Bowl ever, which was played right here at the NRG […]

  • Violent road rage incidents: How to stay calm and protect yourself

    HOUSTON- The increase of road rage incidents throughout the city has citizens on full alert. In recent weeks a mother of two was found shot to death inside her Toyota Camry near Bissonnet and Addicks Clodine. Another woman and her 3-year-old daughter were caught in the cross hairs of a man’s gun on I-10. So what’s causing the recent influx of road hate? According to Autovantage Roadside Assistance the influx isn’t new at all. In 2014 the site declared Houston the […]

  • Holiday shopping safety tips: How to keep a Grinch from breaking into your car

    HOUSTON – The Grinch who hates Christmas ruins the whole Christmas season.  Just don’t ask us why, no one quite knows the reason. The Grinch is in Houston, lurking round shops and parked lots hoping to steal all your valuables, even your presents for tots. The police say be ready; don’t go fast and not think. Or a Grinch might take from you and your Christmas will stink. Cops found this green burglar at Target in the Heights. They gave […]

  • Inside Story: 2017 best places to work in Houston 

    HOUSTON —  Greek philosopher Aristotle once said, “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” And what better way for employees to find pleasure in what they do, than creating an atmosphere and culture to help them succeed. Why work in a stuffy old office building anyway? Vanderbloemen Search Group has the best use of office space around. The open, collaborative workspace creates a world where both introverts and extroverts can thrive. 40 employees work at communal desks but […]

  • Student attempts suicide inside a Pearland High School

    PEARLAND, Texas – A horrific event this morning at Glenda Dawson high school has left the entire Pearland community searching for answers. A teacher discovered the body of a 17-year-old student dangling from a rope in a stairwell before two of the high school coaches helped to retrieve the body. The student was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital. His condition is still unknown at this time. Counselors are on hand to help students and faculty cope with the situation.  

  • Light it up, don’t burn it down: HFD share Christmas tree lighting safety tips

    HOUSTON — Every year the Houston Fire Department demonstrates the dangers surrounding Christmas lights and the cold holiday season. Here’s 5 rules to live by this holiday season. Remember to not leave candles unattended Don’t let you tree dry out. Look for frayed wires and don’t overload plugs. Make sure space heater aren’t to hot and turn off if they flip over. And keep a fire extinguisher handy.