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  • Tour de Hood Bike Tours cruises through Houston’s Third Ward

    HOUSTON  –  Ready to pedal around town? Well, 3rd Ward Tours, a division of Tour de Hood, offers Bike/Cycling Tours to help explore some of the hidden gems in the third ward area. Located across the street from Emancipation Park, 3rd Ward tours provide free bikes and gear to anyone wanting to take a tour. The purpose of the tour is to establish healthy and fit living in their communities. Alan Moore, Partner of 3rd Ward Tours, said, “They choose bikes […]

  • Over 30 Mascots for a Cure raise spirits supporting kids fighting against cancer

    HOUSTON – Mascots from across the country join forces to support kids fighting cancer. Over 30 mascots gathered at the Queensbury Theatre to have breakfast, fun, dance with children from The Sunshine Kids, a non profit group dedicated to children with cancer. Mascots for a Cure is an organization founded by Derek Zinser. “It’s all about raising their spirits, giving them hope love and joy throughout the nation and reminding them that they are kids first and not cancer patients,” […]

  • Houston celebrates Pride rain or shine

    HOUSTON – The Annual Pride Festival kicked off Saturday in downtown Houston. The Pride festival celebrates members of the LGBT community across the country. The festival is an all-day event consisting of live music, food, drinks and an epic parade. Check out the sights and sounds from Saturday! Chief @ArtAcevedo, HPD commanders & officers acknowledge cheers of thousands gathered @PrideHouston Parade downtown.#relationalpolicing — Houston Police (@houstonpolice) June 25, 2017 In this city, we do not build walls, we build relationships […]

  • Study shows 38 percent of Americans fear crowded events due to terrorism threats

    HOUSTON — Does fear have you rethinking your summer plans?  With terror attacks becoming somewhat of a norm, many Americans are thinking twice before hanging out in large crowds. Gallup World Poll says 38 percent of Americans fear a terrorist attack will happen at events with thousands of people in attendance. Gallup conducted the poll in wake of the Ariana Grande concert attack on May 22, and the attack on the London Bridge on June 3. Thirty-eight percent is the […]

  • Sheila Jackson-Lee joins Muslim leaders to stand up against hate

    HOUSTON — There was a clash of protesters across the country Saturday, and the day after, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee joined Muslim leaders of Southeast Texas at the Leland Federal Building to take a stand against the Sharia Law marches. “We have come here to stand against hate.. we have come to acknowledge that all that are standing here, whatever their faith, they are wrapped in the wonderment of the constitution of the United States, and they love this country,” Jackson-Lee […]

  • Fanny packs are back!

    HOUSTON — We all know history is doomed to repeat itself, and it looks like it definitely has in the year 2017! In this case, we’re talking fashion! Move over summer rompers, because fanny packs are back in style! And we’re not talking about your parents’ fanny packs. You remember the pouches filled with peppermints and loose change! The fanny pack of 2017 is a fashion trendsetter, and people are willing to let go of big bucks to get one these […]

  • March against Sharia Law takes place at San Jacinto Battleground

    LA PORTE, Texas — Marches against the Sharia Law took place across the country Saturday, and most places featured a protest against Muslims with a counter-protest happening against Islamaphobia. Surrounding areas of Houston were no different as that scene played out at the San Jacinto Battleground in La Porte. “We`re not interested in a conversation with them… these are some hardcore haters, so we are out here to oppose them, not dialogue with them,” said Dr. David Michael Smith, an […]

  • The Houston Museum of Natural Science hosts ‘World Ocean Day’

    HOUSTON– The Houston Museum of Natural Science celebrated World Ocean Day by hosting a family event. The goal of the event is to promote Ocean conservation and bring awareness to the dangers of plastics and pollution. Students were excited to learn about coral reefs, fish and the ocean. “Most of us live of land and it’s a nice break to mentally switch and for us to think about the ocean for a day”, said Travis Swanson.  

  • Houston rapper talks violence over Air Jordan sneakers

    HOUSTON– Rap Artist Killa Kyleon released a new song and music video titled “Killing Over Jay’s”. The song takes a look at the violence associated with Micheal Jordan sneakers. Kyleon depicted a reenactment of a young man being robbed and murdered for the shoes in his music video. “My place in the video is me against me. The point of it is the black man against the black man for the shoes. The purpose of the song was to get […]