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  • Santa Fe community comes together to host benefits for families, victims

    HOUSTON — The community of Santa Fe showed support the best way they knew how by hosting a series of benefits for families affected by the tragedy. Check out the video above to see what they are doing to start the healing process.  

  • Houston is one of worst places for young adults to land a summer job, study says

    HOUSTON — Attention slackers, today is your lucky day!! Summertime is near, which means your parents have three magic words they want you to hear. GET A JOB! Don’t worry, we have your back, grab your parents and pay attention because Texas is the worst when it comes to landing a summer job or internship. At least, that what some researchers say. According to WalletHub, major cities in Texas scored some of the lowest rankings on the market for hiring […]

  • Letters of encouragement for Santa Fe High School go viral

    HOUSTON — Cyber support is trending with letters to Santa Fe High School survivor and hero’ Colby Rosenboom. Instead of making a run for it, Rosenboom’s family says he was shot in the hip while rescuing a female classmate in art class. Rosenboom noticed she was paralyzed on the floor with fear during the mass shooting. In a Facebook Post, a family friend asked supporters to send letters of encouragement to Rosenboom as he recovers from his injuries. She also […]

  • DJ T. Gray Pumps Up the Volume for the Houston Rockets at the Toyota Center

    HOUSTON — DJ T. Gray pumped up the volume at the Toyota Center for the Houston Rockets. Gray ignited the crowd with a few spins and a fader from his DJ booth near the home court. This DJ might be the secret ingredient to James Harden’s signature sauce, dishing out clutch hip hop bangers on demand. Gray knows exactly how to spin the right record at the right time to boost the All-Star Rocket before tip off. Click on the […]

  • Governor Abbott Comforts Families During Sunday Morning Church Services in Santa Fe

    SANTA FE, Texas– Prayer and healing is the message at Arcadia First Baptist Church on Highway 6 in Santa Fe. People are gathering for Sunday morning service. The first service since the deadly mass shooting at Santa Fe High School  just a few blocks away. Texas Governor Greg Abbott attended the church service comforting families with open arms and compassion during their time of need in the midst of this tragedy. “We come here today with hearts that are aching, […]

  • Double Cups stirs up controversy with new view on coffee, bikini-clad baristas

    HOUSTON — Double Cups is stirring up a handful of controversy with their new view on coffee. The League City coffee shop is truly in a league of their own, spicing up your morning latte with steamy shots of espresso, all while wearing bikinis. Aside from the coffee, anger continues to brew in the small town with parents taking to social media citing the establishment is inappropriate for its dress code, or lack there of. Repeat customer Tina Johnson says she […]

  • Cyclist recovering from injuries after surviving hit-and-run in east Houston

    HOUSTON — Houston, we have a problem after yet another cyclist was ran off the road and barely escaped with his life. Tommie Wolfmyer was riding his bicycle in the bike lane on Harrisburg Boulevard in the East End of Houston when a U-Haul truck hit him and left the scene. “I was hit in the back by a mirror and it came up the side of me and knocked me. I was out of it from there. I was […]

  • Local teacher’s ‘Hollywood style’ Prairie View A&M graduation video goes viral

    HOUSTON — Cydnee C. Patterson celebrated a blockbuster victory by earning her degree from Prairie View A&M University. Patterson chose to mark the special occasion with a digital invitation for family friends with a “Hollywood style” cinematic graduation video. The graduation video has more than 30,000 shares on Twitter and 400,000 views. Check out the video to see what all the hype is about. Great stuff!  

  • Millennials more stressed at work than older colleagues, study says

    HOUSTON — Millennials are more stressed than their older colleagues when it comes to working a nine-to-five. According to the Mental Health Foundation, 28% of working millennials ages 18 to 38 say, stress is expected in the workplace. While only 12% of baby boomers argue the same. Findings suggest 34% of stressed out millennials feel less productive at work, which is brought on by insecure contracts, low pay and high entry level workloads. Overall, when it comes to having the “stress […]