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  • Texas Bathroom Bills goes down the drain for a second time

    HOUSTON — The Texas “Bathroom Bill” goes down the drain for the second time this year in a twenty-nine day special session held in Austin. Late Tuesday night Senate Bill 6, dubbed as the Bathroom Bill, came to a sudden end after failing to make it to the house. The controversial bill has been a hot topic in Texas since North Carolina faced backlash for passing a similar bill in 2016. If passed, the bill would enforce a law restricting bathroom […]

  • This week’s pothole of the day is in the Upper Kirby District

    HOUSTON — This week’s pothole is in the Upper Kirby District on the 4700 block of Kelvin Drive and Sunset Boulevard. We hope you’re ready for a ride because this entire street is filled with craters. Drivers advised us to strap in and hold on tight when turning onto this corner. “We’re not at an amusement park so we shouldn’t drive on streets like this,” Oto Ukpong said. Check out the video to see what all the fuss is about […]

  • Kashmere and Trinity Gardens communities host Back-2-School Block Party!

    HOUSTON — Kashmere and Trinity Gardens communities came together to put on a free, fun-filled block party to get kiddos pumped up for the upcoming school year! Guests enjoyed music, live performances by fellow school bands and dance teams, fire trucks, crafts and games, free food and drinks! Students also got a chance to win a laptop or iPad! Check out how these youth are getting amped up as summer break comes to a close!

  • The Breakfast Klub offers local educators a free meal

    HOUSTON — One of the most delicious breakfast spots of Houston, also known as The Breakfast Klub, is showing love to local teachers the best way they know how! They have made it their duty to show teachers their appreciation with FREE FOOD!!! On Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., the popular restaurant served up teachers in a brunch-style breakfast buffet. “We spend so much time appreciating our other public servants, we miss out on the ones that made […]

  • Do HIIT workouts cause more harm than good?

    HOUSTON — When it comes to workout trends, they come and go quicker than fashion. HIIT, also known has high intensity interval training, is the new trend heating up the gym this summer. “A lot of people are really going for it, because it’s short, it’s effective and you see results,” Chris Oji of 9 Rounds Kickboxing Gym said. “The studies have shown that it’s nine times more effective at burning fat than a steady state of cardio… so 10 […]

  • Happy National Sisters Day! What makes your sister great?

    HOUSTON — August 6 is National Sisters Day, and it appears that Houstonians celebrated with a ton of memories, laughs, and of course– tears! From apologies to heartfelt messages that tugged at our heartstrings, CW39 Newsfix was able to get people to tell us why their sisters were so great! Take a look at how people expressed love and gratitude for their phenomenal female siblings!  

  • ‘Swipe left’ for low self-esteem on Tinder dating app

    HOUSTON — Trolling Tinder for dates this weekend just became even more depressing. In a dating world where it’s all about the swipe,  we tend to get excited swiping to the “right” in search of Mister or Miss Right. But what about all those left swipes? Seriously. This is the era of fast-paced rejection and it could have a lot bigger effect on our mental health than we realize. According to a new study done by the University of Rhode […]

  • Working moms clocking more than 100 hours a week, study says

    HOUSTON — Working moms are putting in some major overtime. Many are busting the time clock with more than 100 hours a week! According to a new study by Welch’s,  The average mom works at least 14 hours a day, which includes their nine-to-fives, in addition to keeping their families in line! The “work” day starts around  6:23 a.m. and ends around 8:31 p.m. The juice makers looked at 2,000 moms with children age 5 to 12. Four in 10 moms […]

  • Sole`Ana Stables offers therapeutic horseback riding in Alvin for special needs adults and children

    ALVIN, Texas — Hold your horses and giddy up for some Texas style therapy! Sole`Ana  Stables in Alvin offers therapeutic horseback riding for adults and children with special needs. “They think they’re playing a game, but they’re actually working.. developing core muscles, balance, socialization.. many many things all rolled into one, but they think it’s just fun,” said Dea Martin of Big Wish Farm. Sole`Ana stables was founded by Andrew and Sasha Camacho in honor of their daughter Solana Garcia […]