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  • LOS ANGELES, CA - FEBRUARY 11:  Jay-Z attends 2017 Roc Nation Pre-Grammy Brunch at Owlwood Estate on February 11, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Ari Perilstein/Getty Images for Roc Nation)

    Jay-Z becomes first rapper inducted into Songwriters Hall of Fame, joined by Motown’s Berry Gordy and others

    NEW YORK — Rap legend Shawn Carter, better known as Jay-Z is breaking barriers for rappers by becoming the first rapper to be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame! After Beyonce’s Grammys snub, Jay-Z got a little sweet revenge with this latest milestone. As a 21-time Grammy winner, selling over 100 million records and having three albums on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All-time List! Legendary music producer Nile Rodgers said Jay-Z “changed the way we listen to […]

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    Dumbass of the Day: Ohio crook knocks himself out cold in liquor store smash-and-grab

    AKRON, Ohio — When a couple of crooks decided to break into the Leprechaun Liquor store in Ohio, they may have forgotten a few things. For one thing, their entire caper was caught on camera. And one crook learned the hard way what happens when you try to smash and grab too much: you knock yourself out! And that’s literally what this guy did— he knocked himself out on the way out! Yeah, looks like this guy forgot to pack […]

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    Video: Bull escapes slaughterhouse, runs through streets of NYC

    NEW YORK — Here’s something you don’t see every day in New York, a real bull running in the streets of Queens! Authorities said the bull escaped from a nearby slaughterhouse, and he wasn’t about to be cornered. “I don’t know where he came from, but he got away, and he’s causing havoc all over Jamaica,” local resident Valerie Valgean said. “There’s about 50 cop cars out here.” “I watched it ram the backdoor of a van, with a guy […]

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    Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos resigns over controversial ‘pedophilia’ comments

    NEW YORK — You could say right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos has been in a ring of fire over his racy comments about “sex between younger boys and older men,” and now it has cost him his job and a whole lot more! “I would be wrong to allow my poor choice of words to detract from my colleagues’ important job, which is why today I’m resigning from Breitbart effective immediately,” the now-former senior editor Milo announced at a sudden press conference Tuesday. […]

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    Right-winger Milo Yiannopoulos loses book deal, gets disinvited to CPAC— all over controversial comment!

    WASHINGTON– It was a rough day for right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos! It probably didn’t help that Milo put his foot in his mouth on ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ over the weekend. “You can go f*** yourself, alright?” comedian Larry Wilmore retorted at Yiannopoulos on the show. But by Monday, things were about to get a lot worse. Not only did CPAC disinvite Milo to speak this week, but now rumors are swirling the senior editor for Breitbart News may be […]

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    Germans ban talking doll made in the U.S. out of fear it could be a ‘spy’

    GERMANY – Could a talking doll have a license to ‘spy?’ German authorities want the U.S. doll,  ‘My Friend Cayla,’ pulled from store shelves and banned in Germany because they think it could be a spy! The Germans think the talking doll could be hacked and used to steal personal information from households where Cayla is hanging out. Yep, according to the New York Times, the Germans say Cayla can be easily hacked using a bluetooth connection. Cayla is made […]

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    Caught on Camera: 7-year-old boy beaten 62 times in 5 minutes

    HOUSTON – A seven-year-old boy is beaten 62 times on his head, shoulders and body over five grueling minutes and it’s all caught on hidden cameras at a northwest Houston dumping ground! “The suspect got out of the car….got the little kid out of the car…brought him around to the front of the hood– and started just beating him relentlessly with a belt,” Harris County Precinct 1 Constable Alan Rosen described. Most of the video is too graphic to show on […]

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    Rhode Island congressman compares life under Trump to the upside down world in Netflix show, ‘Stranger Things’

    WASHINGTON — Life in Washington lately is a bit surreal. That’s why a Democratic congressman from Rhode Island– Rep. David Cicilline– is comparing what he calls today’s world of “Trump Things” to the upside down world in the Netflix show, “Stranger Things.” “Like the main characters in ‘Stranger Things,’ we are now stuck in the ‘upside down’– right is wrong, up is down, black is white,” Cicilline declared. But President Trump sees it a little differently. “Because the press, honestly, […]

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    FBI arrests South Carolina man they say was plotting a Dylann Roof-style mass attack

    CONWAY, S.C. — A suspected white supremacist is behind bars after the Feds claim he was planning a mass attack at a Jewish synagogue in South Carolina! Authorities say Benjamin McDowell was planning an assault with a Facebook post stating, “Do something on a f***ing big scale….in the spirit of Dylan Roof.” “He just said that, you know, that boy was brave, and he made headlines as a white boy,” McDowell’s mother, Joann Clewis, shared. The FBI arrested McDowell at a […]