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  • Willowridge, Marshall High School students bury the hatchet to become classmates

    MISSOURI CITY, Texas — It’s a tale of two rivals becoming one as students from Marshall High School in Missouri City welcome students from Willowridge High School as their new classmates. “Fort Bend, get ready for the best you’ve ever seen!” a cheering squad from both school chanted in unison. School officials and local leaders spoke out Friday to help calm any concerns about doubling-up the two high schools. “The Willowridge Eagles are going to be sharing space in the […]

  • Preschool forced to view eclipse indoors after receiving fake glasses from Amazon

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. – What if the universe held a solar eclipse, and nobody showed up? Well, America doesn’t need to worry about that, but a daycare school in Missouri has had to change course on their eclipse-viewing plans. The box of 75 total eclipse viewing glasses delivered to the school by Amazon this week contained fake  glasses. Now, the little tykes at this school are facing an eclipse of their eclipse party! “As more news trickled in about questions, […]

  • Rescuers working around the clock to care for 80 sick mini-horses, animals rescued by Houston SPCA; donations needed

    HOUSTON – It’s a stable filled with heartbreak. Just 24 hours after the Houston SPCA rescued over 80 miniature horses, ponies, and donkeys from horrific conditions on a property in Baytown, rescuers are working around the clock to save the struggling animals. “Our number one priority is getting these beautiful animals back up to speed with where they need to be, in terms of care,” Houston SPCA Director of Communications Julie Kuenstle announced. “Then, getting custody.” Some of the little ponies […]

  • How will the solar eclipse affect your pets?

    CLEVELAND, Ohio – The Great American Eclipse is almost here! No, it’s nothing to be afraid of. However, you might want to keep an eye on your pets. “It’ll be interesting to see how she reacts,” said Jessica Holden, who’s worried about her blood hound during eclipse. Another dog owner, Tom Deibele, suggested “what they’ll do is they’ll want to try to hide.  They’ll want and try to go someplace, either go behind the furniture.” Well, that’s possible. Historically, studies […]

  • Caught on Camera: Man pushes baby around in stroller while allegedly breaking into cars

    RICHMOND, Virginia – Police in Virginia are looking for an unusual crook: a baby! Yeah, this baby is apparently part of car burglary ring. A dude was caught on camera pushing around a baby in a stroller at 4 a.m. along a dark alley with parked cars. Authorities say there has been a rash of early-morning car break-ins in the area– and now it looks like they can see why. Police think the guy uses the baby as a distraction while […]

  • Elderly couple finds naked man taking a shower in their home

    VALLEY CENTER, Calif. — What would you do if you found a naked stranger in your shower? Well, that’s what happened to a California woman named Joyce Penwright. “I said, ‘What are you doing?'” Joyce said. “He says, “I thought this place was vacant. I was hot, tired and needed a shower.'” The man apparently got in through an open door while Joyce was at the dog park and her husband was working in the garage. “He opened this door, […]

  • President Trump’s impromptu comments on Charlottesville spark ‘Shock’ and ‘Outrage’

    NEW YORK — Talk about a bombshell! While many Americans have been concerned over the threat of nuclear war, President Donald Trump unleashed his own version of a ‘Shock and Awe’ campaign on Tuesday. “I think there’s blame on both sides, and I have no doubt about it,” the president declared during a press conference at Trump Tower in Manhattan. The president left reporters in shock and jaw-dropped with his off-the-cuff comments about Charlottesville. “You had a group on one […]

  • Have the Rockets found their new owner? Gulf States Toyota CEO shows interest in buying team

    HOUSTON – Have the Houston Rockets found their man? Well, word on the street is local billionaire Dan Friedkin may just be the next Rocket man…as in team owner. He confirmed his interest in the team through a statement. As for purchasing the Rockets, Friedkin says, “As a Rockets fan and Houstonian it would be exciting and a privilege to build on the storied legacy of NBA basketball in this city.” He also had nothing but praise for current Rockets […]

  • Midtown apartment building evacuated due to Mercury spill

    HOUSTON — A chemical spill in Midtown had area residents on edge worrying about one thing: Mercury poisoning. Hazmat crews were called out Monday morning to the Mid Main Lofts complex on Main Street. Apparently, a guy had a jar full of liquid Mercury in his apartment that his girlfriend dropped and spilled all over the place on Friday, according to the Houston Fire Department. Now, who keeps a jar of two pounds of the element ‘Mercury’ lying around the house? […]