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  • NewsFix in Space: Mars, Martians, Astronauts, oh my!

    HOUSTON–Today’s adventure takes us to the Red Planet, which really seems to be getting a lot of airtime lately. A digital artist has gone to great lengths to capture the planet Mars. The artist has used thousands of still photographs from NASA to create an amazing 3-D presentation of 33,000 high resolution images. The same camera that was used to create the presentation has been orbiting the Red Planet since 2006 and captured snake-like sand dunes and craters across the planet’s […]

  • Internet trolls take on Cracker Barrel over #BradsWifeMatters

    MILLTOWN, Ind. — Just who is Brad’s wife and why was she fired from Cracker Barrel? A man named Brad from Indiana posted online a couple of weeks ago that his wife got fired from Cracker Barrel after 11 years of service, on his birthday. What started as a simple post, morphed into a little joke and has now mushroomed into something much bigger! People from all walks of life are trolling Cracker Barrel with cryptic messages and hashtags like […]

  • Missouri thief steals truck filled with mascot costumes to entertain kids with cancer

    SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Who would steal a U-Haul truck filled with mascots? The truck is part of a national tour called Mascots For A Cure, which is on a mission to help kids with cancer. The group is actually scheduled to visit the Texas Children’s Hospital Monday in Houston . “Started to head out to the trailer to get some bags and load up, and we noticed the trailer was gone,” Founder Derek Zinser said. “So, we instantly contacted the […]

  • Feds charge Maryland man with cyberstalking and aggravated assault for sending a tweet

    DALLAS, Tex. – Can a tweet be used as a deadly weapon? The Feds certainly think so. A Maryland man has been arrested after sending a tweet of an animated gif image to a man in Dallas which caused the victim to have an epileptic seizure. John Rivello sent the tweet in December of 2016 along with a caption that read: “You deserve a seizure for your post,” said authorities. The victim, Kurt Eichenwald who happens to be a senior […]

  • Local woman chronicles her battle with stomach cancer up until her last day

    HOUSTON – Friends and family are mourning the passing of Kristal Nelson who lost her battle with gastric cancer. After Nelson’s cancer diagnosis the 35-year-old mother of four developed an online following by sharing her daily battle. “You didn’t have to meet her, all someone had to do was mention her name and you felt like you knew her,” Kristal’s mom Vicki Stone said. Nelson’s sister Kewana Walker said that she had signs of an ulcer three years ago and […]

  • Caught on Camera: Backyard brawl between two cable guys called ‘sissiest fight’ ever

    SAN ANTONIO, Texas– Is this the ‘sissiest fight’ ever? Well, the San Antonio homeowner who posted the video to Facebook thinks so! The homeowner discovered the backyard brawl on her security camera app which shows two utility workers going at it. The two were identified as contractor employees going around the neighborhood to install internet fiber wire. The homeowner reportedly described it as “men fighting like 12-year-old girls.” Obviously, these two didn’t get along from the get-go. These guys just might have […]

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger announced as 2017 commencement speaker at University of Houston

    HOUSTON – The Terminator is coming to town! The University of Houston announced Monday that Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed on as this year’s commencement speaker. That means the ‘Governator’ becomes the ‘Graduator’ for the spring graduating class of the 2017 Coogs! Schwarzenegger even signed the U of H Twitter post with “Hasta la vista, Coogs May 12!” Of course, the ‘Governator’ has some pretty big shoes to fill after past speakers like All-American hero, Astronaut Scott Kelly, and Academy Award-winning […]

  • Trump signs NASA bill while Jeff Bezos tests out-of-this-world robotic suit

    WASHINGTON– It’s time once more for NewsFix in Space! Today’s journey takes us to the far reaches of the “Red Planet” Mars. Well, not exactly, but now that President Trump has signed the Cruz-Nelson NASA Transition Authorization Act, we can set course for America to re-visit the moon, the stars and Mars! “It supports NASA’s deep space exploration,” Trump said. NASA was so grateful to the Prez that they presented him with his very own flight suit. So does this mean […]

  • Man finds six-foot long alligator in his garage

    BREVARD COUNTY, Flor. – What was a six-foot alligator doing in this Florida man’s garage? “I thought it was a fake alligator but who would put a fake alligator in my garage,” homeowner Hank Stout said. Well, it wasn’t a fake. “I wasn’t worried about it but my wife was frantic,” said Stout. Stout caught the grisly gator hissing on camera before calling a trapper to get the gator out. “The trapper said they don’t really attack humans. I’ve never noticed […]