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  • Woman subdues Southwest Airlines passenger after trying to open exit door

    HOUSTON – A Southwest Airlines flight from LA to Houston had to be diverted to Corpus Christi Sunday afternoon when a disruptive passenger tried to open the emergency exit with the plane in the air. “She had taken her seat. We took off. As soon as the seat belt sign came off, she had gotten up, started pacing the aisle back and forth– going backwards,” fellow passenger and off-duty Cleveland I.S.D. police officer Pamela Minchew said. According to witnesses the flight […]

  • Local RockStar Art Gallery hosts show all about CW 39’s own Maggie Flecknoe

    HOUSTON – It’s definitely a case of art imitating life! CW 39’s own Maggie Flecknoe inspires viewers every day but for some Houstonians, that morning dose just isn’t enough! That’s why RockStar Gallery decided to host an art show all about Maggie! After Maggie covered the gallery back on St. Patrick’s Day, she really bonded with all the artists there. “And I said, ‘Hey, how about we do a tribute to Maggie and do an art show all about Maggie,” RockStar […]

  • Study finds workers waste about 17 hours a week on worthless emails

    HOUSTON – What’s the most frightening phrase in the office? “You’ve got mail.” A new study says workers sent and received 112.5 Billion business emails per day all around the world! The study concluded the average worker wastes about 17 hours a week on worthless emails! “Yeah, I would say it’s pretty much time-consuming,” Houstonian Ralondo Zillarreao agreed. “If you do it per week, it’d probably be anywhere from five to seven hours, maybe.” “I’m getting them  constantly throughout the […]

  • Real vs. Fake: Guatemala and California earthquake

    ANTIGUA GUATEMALA– According to the U.S. Geological Survey, an earthquake struck off the Pacific coast of Guatemala about 24 miles from the city of Puerto San Jose. The earthquake measured a 6.8 magnitude causing damage to Antigua Guatemala, which used to be the country’s colonial capital until an earthquake destroyed most of the city back in 1773. Fortunately, no injuries  were reported. After the earthquake was reported in Guatemala, California Institute of Technology accidentally sent out an alert for a […]

  • Bone-sniffing dogs embark on expedition to locate remains of Amelia Earhart

    LOS ANGELES, Cali. – Whatever happened to the legendary aviator– Amelia Earhart? Well, it’s an 80-year-old mystery that “Man’s Best Friend” now hopes to solve! “We train on old bones and old teeth, and our dogs are trained to find historic and pre-historic human remains,” Lynne Engelbert of the Institute for Canine Forensics explained. Four specially-trained, bone-sniffing dogs are on their way to embark on an adventure of a lifetime….all in hopes of digging up the remains of the aviation […]

  • New survey names world’s best place to live

    COPENHAGEN, Denmark – The new world rankings are out and ,Denmark has been declared the best place to live in the whole world, according to the latest survey! Yep, that’s based on three categories including: basic human needs, foundations of well-being and opportunity. Denmark apparently excels in all three with ‘human needs’ covering access to medication, shelter, security and sanitation. ‘Well-being’ covers access to education, communications and the environment while ‘opportunity’ covers things like rights, freedoms and tolerance. But not […]

  • George Clooney and partners sell tequila company for $1 billion

    LOS ANGELES — Actor George Clooney just got a whole lot richer! Clooney and his two business partners just sold their tequila company for $1 billion! Clooney started the company on a whim about four years ago– ‘Casamigos’–  and sold it to British spirits giant– Diageo– for about a billion bucks. Of course, the Hollywood star will have to split that payout with his other two partners. One of those partners– Cindy Crawford’s husband, Rande Gerber– runs the company from LA. […]

  • Setting the Twittersphere on fire, Jared Kushner breaks his silence

    WASHINGTON– At last, a political mystery has been solved! For months now political junkies have wondered– will we ever hear from Senior Presidential Adviser and First Son-in-Law Jared Kushner? Comics have had a field day over the speculation. “Have you ever heard him speak? Seriously. What does his voice sound like?” John Oliver, host of ‘Last Week Tonight with John Oliver,’ has questioned on his show, joking with clips of Jared sounding like the utterly annoying comedian Gilbert Gottfried. Well, […]

  • Critter News: Garbage Rat goes viral, rattlesnakes and wild turkey

    NEW YORK– From the annals of viral video sensations like ‘Keyboard Cat’ and ‘Dramatic Chipmunk’ came New York’s famed ‘Pizza Rat.’ Well, now it’s time to move over, Pizza Rat cause  ‘Garbage Rat’ is here. “You gotta see this, my man. This dude is dragging a bag of garbage,” one resident told a friend while watching the video of the new viral star. Yep, that little rat apparently dragged an entire bag of trash across a Big Apple sidewalk before […]