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  • NewsFix in Space: Asteroids, Earth through Saturn’s rings, China on the moon

    OUTER SPACE – Today’s adventure takes us 870 million miles away to Saturn, where the Cassini spacecraft is popping up just about everywhere. Cassini captured an amazing shot of Earth as a speck of light through Saturn’s rings, showing just how tiny our planet is in the universe. Another shock to our ego could be that space is where we will see the next energy boom. Forget about oil wells on Earth, space mines are where it’s at nowadays. Some believe […]

  • 5 worst states for surviving a zombie apocalypse

    In case you’ve got zombies on the brain listen, up! Last week we told you the ultimate place to be in case of a zombie apocalypse, at least according to Task & Purpose. Texas ranked number one for the best place to fight zombies, but what about the five worst states for a zombie apocalypse. Well, here they are. Georgia, Kansas, Hawaii, Florida and although technically D.C. is not a state, it made the top 5 list. So, next time you plan […]

  • Strange Science: Mystery to the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ solved?

    LONDON– Here’s a bit of practical strange science. Has a British physicist just solved the mystery of the ‘Bermuda Triangle?’ For decades, reports have claimed ships and aircrafts have vanished while traveling through the mysterious region of the Atlantic Ocean known as ‘The Bermuda Triangle.’ Some sailors call it the ‘Devil’s Triangle’, claiming the area is plagued by supernatural powers or possibly extraterrestrial visitors. However, there is a scientific explanation. “This idea that if you had a whoosh of methane […]

  • Mayor Turner holds town hall meeting to calm fears among Houston’s Muslim community

    HOUSTON — Mayor Sylvester Turner reached out to Houston’s Muslim community Monday night through a special town hall meeting. “There’s a lot of anxiety, nervousness, tension…not just among adults but amongst children, and this city is a city of immigrants,” Turner said. “There’s no other city that’s as diverse as the city of Houston, and I think people want to know this is still a welcoming city.” The mayor hopes to calm any fears in the community, especially related to […]

  • Second copy of Declaration of Independence discovered

    (CNN) — A second parchment copy of the Declaration of Independence has been found. In England, of all places. It’s a remarkable discovery, because the only other parchment manuscript copy of the historic document is housed behind glass at the National Archives in Washington, DC. You see, most copies of the Declaration of Independence are just that — copies. They are facsimiles of the one housed in the National Archives, which is called the Matlack Declaration and regarded as the […]

  • Bombshell: Aaron Hernandez left third suicide note to jailhouse lover

    MASSACHUSETTS — The latest revelation in the Aaron Hernandez case is that the former NFL star may have murdered his friend semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd to hide Hernandez’s bisexuality. After Hernandez was found hanging in his cell Wednesday morning, authorities have been investigating what might have led the former Patriots player to end his life. Hernandez addressed one of his three suicide notes to a gay jailhouse lover, according to Newsweek. Officials say that the inmate is now on a […]

  • Strange Science: Researchers discover ‘dragon’s blood’ has magical healing powers!

    FAIRFAX, VA. – Researchers at George Mason University say they’ve made an amazing discovery that a dragon’s blood could save the planet. Scientists say blood from a Komodo dragon actually has a protein that can kill all kinds of germs, including antibiotic-resistant superbugs. Researchers claim that Komodo dragons are surrounded by such filth that their immune systems are much stronger than ours. Because Komodos are endangered and could become extinct, researchers have found a way to create a synthetic version of […]

  • NewsFix in Space: Earth dodges an asteroid, NASA spots winter on Mars and possibly a UFO near the ISS!

    HOUSTON– Today’s adventure takes us into orbit where an asteroid just whizzed by our planet. The massive asteroid measured the size of six football fields and NASA said it won’t be this close again for another 500 years. Good thing it missed us this time. Speaking of close encounters, NASA may have just captured a UFO on the International Space Station feed. Some UFO experts claim the craft is an alien cylinder that can go transparent in order to hide from […]

  • Info Wars founder Alex Jones denies lawyers claims

    AUSTIN, Texas– Right Wing commentator Alex Jones continued his custody battle fight in an Austin court on Wednesday. The recent claims by his lawyer of a fake persona has Jones denying such claims. Jones suggested to the court that he’s only acting when in costume. “Obviously, if I dress up in a lizard outfit for a skit on Star Trek, I don’t believe that,” Jones said. “So, the media is deceiving everywhere. I, 110 percent believe what I stand for.” […]