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  • Tyler Longa steps up the plate, crushing it in the classroom

    HEMPSTEAD, Texas– Hempstead High School senior, Tyler Longa is a master of time management. Longa works a part time job, is active in the Beta Club, plays outfield on the baseball team and takes dual credit courses at Blinn College. “After school, you have to set aside the time to get the work done. Make sure you’re not missing anything. It’s easy to miss the due date, if you’re not paying attention,” Longa said. Longa has been named the salutatorian […]

  • Criminology professor gives insight into possible mindset of Facebook killer

    HOUSTON – Dr. Everette Penn studies the mindsets of murderers as a criminology professor at the University of Houston-Clear Lake, but the murder video posted to Facebook over the weekend was unlike any case he’d ever seen. “This is entirely new,” Penn said. “This idea of seeing a crime take place, a heinous crime such as murder, and then actually film it on Facebook is something new.” Penn adds the suspect Steve Stephens didn’t follow normal patterns in some respects. […]

  • Class Acts: Abel Garcia flies through the skies as an upcoming pilot

    HOUSTON – Abel Garcia didn’t grow up as a frequent flyer, but thanks to a recent school program he’s flying high. Garcia is one of many students participating in the flight program at Sterling Aviation High School. “I’ve been as high as almost 3,000 feet,” Garcia said. “It’s pretty beautiful watching the world. When I’m in the sky, I see the people like little ants, they’re small.” Garcia trains on real airplanes and in the flight simulator on campus. “When […]

  • Houston designer customizes Astros themed Budweiser can

    HOUSTON – Eddie Martinez enjoys working on his side passion projects, but his latest seemed to good to be true. “When they contacted me through email, I thought someone was joking with me,” Martinez said. A graphic designer at Rice University, Martinez was approached by Budweiser to help out with a new project.  The beer giants reached out to local artists in 14 different MLB cities to design custom cans. Martinez was picked to create the Astros themed can. “My […]

  • 82-year-old DJ Sumirock becomes nightclub sensation

    TOKYO – This story proves you’re never too old to pick up a new hobby. Sumiko Iwamuro aka DJ Sumirock is taking over the Tokyo club scene at the age of 82. The octogenarian became a DJ in her seventies after working in her family dumpling restaurant for more than 60 years. Now a viral sensation, Sumirock performs on the turntables once a month but is hoping to appear at a club in New York sometime soon. Who says dreams […]

  • Class Acts: Jake Plantowsky brings love of lacrosse with him back to Texas

    HOUSTON – Jake Plantowsky started out loving baseball but a move to Colorado in middle school changed everything. “I was a baseball player in Texas, when we moved to Colorado it wasn’t as big a sport there,” Plantowsky said. “Most of my friends played lacrosse and I tried it for the first time and it was so much fun. It was probably the best sport I’d ever played, so I took it back with me when I came back to […]

  • This bites! Houston ranks second in dog attacks on U.S. postal employees

    HOUSTON – In 2016, Houston ranked second in dog attacks on postal employees in the country, according to The U.S. Postal Service. USPS reports there were a total of 6,755 dog attacks on postal employees nationwide, that’s more than 200 attacks higher than in 2015.  Los Angeles had the most postal employees suffering attacks with a total of 80 postal workers. “Even good dogs have bad days,” U.S. Postal Service Safety Director Linda Decarlo said. “Dog bite prevention training and continuing […]

  • Houston Cougars compete at “Wolffest” entrpreneur restaurant competition

    HOUSTON – University of Houston students are putting their business skills to the test during a three day cooking competition. The “Wolffest” competition is part of an entrepreneurship degree program offered by the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship. Seven teams are tasked with creating pop-up restaurants that will showcase the student’s ability to manage revenue, operations, delegating, organizing, negotiating and evaluating their own business. Money earned from Wolffest is put back into scholarship funds for the Wolff Center of Entrepreneurship at the Bauer […]

  • Hair scare! What you need to know before using front lace wigs

    STAFFORD, Texas — Front lace wigs have become the latest trend among hair DIY enthusiasts.   While front lace wigs are extremely popular, it’s important to know a few things to avoid hair damage. “The first thing you need to know is they’re not for everyone,” said Lynn Clay, the founder of Hollywood Hair Extensions in Stafford. “If you choose to do it, seek a professional first and go from there. A certified and licensed professional will be able to […]