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  • Massive pothole on Houston freeway causes major traffic jam

    HOUSTON – Just when you thought Houston traffic couldn’t get any worse, a massive pothole shut down three southbound lanes on Highway 59/Eastex Freeway at Little York on Tuesday morning. Construction crews spent all morning and several hours into the afternoon repairing the hole nearly the size a small car. No doubt, traffic came to a snarl. According to Houston Transtar, drivers crept along as slow as 8 miles per hour. With only one lane open, traffic delays caused by […]

  • Customers camp out, stand in line for hours to buy treats from Houston’s famous Flying Saucer Pie Company

    HOUSTON – Forget black Friday.  If you love pie, we’ll just call the day before Thanksgiving, wicked Wednesday in Houston. Hungry customers camped out overnight outside the Flying Saucer Pie Company on Crosstimbers to get that sweet treat. One customer said she arrived just before 3 a.m to claim her spot in line. After sunrise, the lines only got longer, stretching down several blocks. Juan Rodriguez waited in line for three hours to buy 25 pies. The strawberry pie appears […]

  • Mattress Mack sends Astros fans, first responders to World Series on private plane

    HOUSTON – Some lucky Astros fans and first responders hit the skies on a private plane to Los Angeles for game six of the World Series courtesy of Mattress Mack and iHeartMedia. Gallery Furniture owner Jim McIngvale held a drawing to select 20 lucky winners. Early Tuesday morning, hundreds lined up outside the north Houston store for a chance to take McIngvale up on his firm offer.

  • Bear runs into Tennessee candy store, caught on camera

    GATLINBURG, TN -A bear in a Tennessee candy shop was caught on camera running through the streets of downtown Gatlinburg. People cleared a path as the bear dashed into the sweet shop, where an employee came face-to-face with it. “I come walking around like this and there was a bear standing right there. And I looked at it like this, I said ‘hang on one moment and I’ll be right back,” said Tina Aucker, who works at Aunt Mahalia’s Candies. […]

  • Fake Texas Facebook group created by Russians stir up hatred in Houston

    HOUSTON — While Congress investigates whether or not Russians interfered with the 2016 presidential election, there is controversy and confusion in Houston, stemming from The Heart of Texas, a fake Facebook page which originated in St. Petersburg, Russia. A Troll Factory called the Internet Research Agency is reportedly behind the page. Mustafaa Carroll, executive director of Council on American-Islamic Relations says, “Here we have a foreign entity taking advantage of our domestic unrest, and our prejudices and hatred.” In 2016, […]

  • Houston rapper Slim Thug gets roasted for charity after Hurricane Harvey

    HOUSTON — Recovering from Hurricane Harvey won’t be easy. However, some H-Town celebs may have just what the city needs to help you bounce back from the blues, like a boss. “Everybody need to get their mind off of what’s going on today and just get out and laugh and just get past this,” said Houston rapper Slim Thug. We’re talking a comedy roast for his birthday, Sept. 8. He’s letting his friends rag on him, all for the sake […]

  • Charges dismissed against Harris County deputies accused of illegally strip searching suspect

    HOUSTON – A Houston attorney and his client have decided to go after the Harris County Sheriff’s Office in court after oppression charges against two deputies were dismissed. Attorney Sam Cammack says deputies violated Charneshia Corley during a strip search in June of 2015. “The officer then spread her legs apart, pinned her ankles up against her back and probed inside of her,” said Cammack. A federal civil rights lawsuit has been filed against the department. It all stemmed from […]

  • Is rapper Bun B bad luck for Houston sports teams? One fan thinks so and has started a petition

    HOUSTON – Rapper Bun B is making headlines, and it’s not for a new song he’s dropping; but rather an online petition to ban him from all Houston sports games. As funny as it sounds, one Houston sports fan is dead serious about putting the rapper in a league of his own. Dontralle Brown Reed wrote on, “we have lost players, primetime games and shots at championships every time he’s involved from appearances to his songs.” In 2015, Bun […]

  • Japan ready to intercept if missiles fired from North Korea toward Guam

    BEDMINSTER, N.J. — Will the U.S. rain fire and fury upon North Korea? “We don’t talk about that. I never do. I’m not like the other administration that would say we’re going into Mosul in four months. I don’t talk about it. We’ll see what happens,” President Donald Trump said Thursday during a press conference in Bedminster, New Jersey. President Trump won’t say if or when the U.S. will strike North Korea, but thinks his “fire and fury” comment wasn’t […]