Nicole Isabel Eldridge is an in-house storyteller and traveler extraordinaire at the CW 39 Houston.

She has explored 15 countries and counting. Prague, Paris and Mexico City are among her top three favorite destinations.

Eldridge studied Journalism and French at the University of Denver. Her first language is Spanish, making her trilingual— or at least attempting to be! She has lived in seven cities within three different countries, including Spain and Mexico.

Her adventures in journalism started at KDVR/KWGN in Denver where she worked as a reporting intern. It’s there Eldridge realized she was made to be a journalist. She came on board the CW 39 Houston team in March 2016 and loves her position as an Associate Producer for NewsFix.

She considers herself to be extremely friendly in nature and enjoys making friends with strangers she encounters on a day-to-day basis. Eldridge has a passion for learning about new cultures and hearing other people tell their story; qualities that make her an excellent journalist and writer.

Having a proud Mexican lineage on both sides of her family, Eldridge strongly embraces her Mexican-American heritage while celebrating the backgrounds of others.

She has high hopes when it comes to her career and is excited to see where her passion for journalism takes her.

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