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  • Common red flags for teens thinking about running away

    KATY, Texas—After a 13-year-old Katy teenager was found in Mexico City Sunday, questions are swirling on whether this was a case of a runaway-teen or a human trafficking case. In Harris County, families and kids can seek help through several triad prevention programs with Protective Services, before it’s too late. Matt Broussard is a triad manager with HCPS and said any Harris County family can stop by 24/7 without an appointment. “You can’t just fix the child, you have to […]

  • Mother of two shot and killed on way home from work in Fort Bend County, possible road rage incident authorities say

    HOUSTON — It’s a mystery that remains unsolved, more than a day after Fort Bend authorities said 39-year-old Lieu Nguyen was murdered in a possible road rage incident. Investigators said the mother of two was on her usual route home from work, when she was shot multiple times. “She had left work around 6 p.m. and visited a local grocery store in the Beechnut area. She was on her way home and was perceived to be on her normal route, […]

  • Keep safe! Tips for drivers, pet owners weathering Houston cold freeze

    HOUSTON — The Texas Department of Transportation and the Houston SPCA has some safety tips for drivers and pet owners as the could weather continues to drop into freezing temperatures. Danny Perez of TxDOT said crews are on standby, ready to take action if road conditions worsen. To keep yourself and others on the roadways safe, Perez recommends driving about 10-20 mph slower than usual and maintaining a safe distance between you and the driver ahead. Paying full attention to the […]

  • Local group feeds homeless and hands out blankets,coats as cold weather temperatures arrive

    HOUSTON — As the temperature continues to drop by the hour, 20+ degrees colder since yesterday, one local group is making sure our homeless are fed and kept warm. For the fifth year in a row, the Safari Club International is helping feed hundreds of Houston’s homeless. On this year’s menu: venison chili– hunted, cooked and served by its members. “We brought in about 200 pounds of venison that will feed up to 320 people here today. It’s one of […]

  • Black Friday shopping safety tips from law enforcement authorities

    After the turkey, comes the elbow throwing at the stores. Black Friday shopping is not for the weak. To make sure your holiday shopping spree doesn’t get ruined, Harris County law enforcement officials are beefing up security and reminding people of some important safety tips to follow. Sometimes, snagging a good deal means waiting in line for hours and maybe even squeezing your way through the crowds just to save on that cash money. Chief Lofton Harrison with Harris County […]

  • Houston homeless couple ticketed for sitting, putting their stuff down on sidewalk

    HOUSTON — Ever gotten a ticket for sitting and putting your stuff down on a sidewalk? One Houston couple has lawyered up and is pleading ‘not guilty’ after the city of Houston issued them four tickets— totaling $1,000 in fines— for doing just that. “They profile the people and if they appear to be homeless, that’s who gets the tickets. That violates the constitution, that violates equal protection under the constitution, and that is cruel and unusual punishment,” civil rights […]

  • Houston area woman’s mother survives after being shot 4 times in Sutherland Springs church massacre

    SUTHERLAND SPRINGS, Texas–It was a phone call that almost shattered Carol Horton. Her mother, 73-year-old Farida Brown had been shot four times in the leg during a mass shooting at First Baptist Church. “It took me about four hours to get up there from Alvin and my mom was in surgery. The whole time I was just praying that my mother would survive,” Horton said. “She’s lively and energetic and I was worried she’d never walk again.” Turn out, her mother […]

  • Recycling resumes for parts of Houston after 2.5 month hiatus following Harvey

    HOUSTON — Starting this week, parts of Houston will see recycling trucks make a comeback after the city stopped curbside recycling pickup for two and a half months following Hurricane Harvey. It’s a big sigh of relief for some residents who’ve had their plastic, cardboard and aluminum trash piling up for weeks, creating a stinky situation that needed to get a clean toss once and for all. “I had to toss my recycling into the regular trash for the last […]

  • Dennis Quaid and band to headline Bellaire Harvey relief concert Saturday

    BELLAIRE, Texas–Dennis Quaid and his band ‘The Sharks’ are getting ready to rock out in his hometown of Bellaire at a Harvey relief concert. “We’re going to honor and celebrate the first responders who were working during the storm helping other people when their own houses were getting flooded,” Quaid said. The actor and musician graduated from Bellaire High school and remembers his childhood in Houston fondly. “I grew up in the 50s and 60s. It was such a great […]