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  • Mom says 4-year-old son banned from Barber’s Hill Pre-K until he cuts his long hair

    MONT BELVIEU, Texas — Jessica Oates is trying to figure out what to do next after her 4-year-old son, Jabez, was told he can’t return to Pre-K until he cuts his long hair. “I bought him all his school supplies, his school clothes, his backpack and he was enthralled. Now he’s confused as to why he can’t go to school anymore,” Oates said. It’s a Barber’s Hill ISD dress code rule Oates knew about, but thought Jabez could be excused, […]

  • Texting while driving to be illegal in Texas starting Sept. 1

    HOUSTON — OK, Texas drivers! It’s time to tex your friend “g2g” and keep your eyes on the road. Starting on Sept. 1, texting while driving will be illegal in the Lone Star State. Capt. Kenneth Campbell with the Houston Police Department’s Traffic Enforcement Division said the goal is to reduce distracted driving and make the roadways safer. “We just want people to focus on driving from point A to point B and do it in the safest manner possible,” […]

  • Mayor Turner signs “memorandum of understanding”;first step towards high-speed train between Houston and Dallas a reality

    Houstonians, as much as we love to hate on our rivals in Dallas, wouldn’t it be great if we could get there in a fraction of the four+ hours it takes in a car? On Thursday, Mayor Sylvester Turner signed a “memorandum of understanding” with Texas Central, the developers of a high-speed train that would get you to Dallas in less than 90 minutes– with a quick stop in Brazos Valley. The memorandum of understanding establishes the city’s partnership with […]

  • Houston SPCA rescues nearly 80 malnourished, miniature horses from Baytown property

    BAYTOWN, Texas — An anonymous tip lead animal cruelty investigators with the Houston SPCA to rescue nearly 80 miniature horses and ponies, and one donkey from a Baytown property Wednesday morning. SPCA officials said the horses were malnourished and in poor medical condition when discovered. They believe some of the mares may even be pregnant. “They were pretty much out on the property by themselves. They did not have access to fresh water. They have overgrown hooves. Some of them […]

  • Poll reveals more cheaters are cat-owners instead of dog owners

    Do you consider yourself more of a dog or a cat person? The kind of animal you own may be a telltale sign of your personality, but what about the way you act in relationships? According to a poll of members from cheating website, cats-owners are the most likely to cheat on their partners. The UK site surveyed about 1,000 of their unfaithful customers and 26% of them are cat owners! After cats, “cheaters” prefer as pet s– rabbits, […]

  • Live, in-person, legal poker club opens on Post Oak near Galleria

    HOUSTON – Shuffle up and deal. Houstonians, you’ve now got a place within the city limits, to play live, in-person poker– legally. The Post Oak Poker Club, located right in the heart of the Galleria at 1801 Post Oak, opened its doors last week. “We are a members only, private club and that’s what allows us to do what we do,” co-owner Bill Heuer said. “Because the house doesn’t make any profit from the game directly, we’re able to operate. […]

  • Local art teacher turns to non-profit crowdfunding site to help raise money for supplies for kids

    HOUSTON — Back to school shopping is in full swing, with less than two weeks away until the first bell rings. But for many teachers, like Loren Gardner, who teachers art at Tanglewood Middle School, forking over hundreds of dollars out of their own pockets to spend on supplies for their kids, is a common thing. “I spent about $300 on average each year. Tanglewood is a Title 1 school, meaning most of the students are socioeconomically disadvantaged,” Gardner said. […]

  • Millennials, show beer some love! Brewery sales drop as youngsters reach for wine, weed

    HOUSTON — Those darn millennials— they’re to blame for everything! First, their overindulgence of avocado toast leads to a global avocado shortage. And now, their obsession with wine and weed could be leading to the decline of the beer industry. “I’m seeing more and more younger, especially women, take an interest in women. Seventy percent of our clientele are women and the younger women especially are getting more involved with wine and wanting to learn about wine,” Dwayne Harrison, owner […]

  • Colorectal cancer deaths rising among young adults under 50, study says

    HOUSTON — According to a new study from the American Cancer Society, colon and rectal cancer deaths are rising for young adults, under the age of 50— just when you’re supposed to start getting screenings. Medical oncologist Dr. Shagufta Naqvi said a person’s likelihood of developing the disease is more complicated than just their age. “50 is for those patients who have no family history, no risk factors, feeling absolutely fine, no constipation, no blood in stool– then it’s okay. […]