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  • Texans rookies get first taste of NFL at mini camp

    HOUSTON – Texans rookies, including first round pick and possible quarterback of the future Deshaun Watson, got their first experience in an NFL system at the opening day of rookie mini camp on Saturday. There’s no doubt that the spotlight is on Watson, who the Texans took with their first round pick in this year’s NFL draft. He’s seen by many as a franchise player at QB, a position the Texans have struggled with over the past several seasons. For now, […]

  • Election monitors are watching today’s vote in Pasadena

    PASADENA, Texas — Federal election monitors from the Department of Justice were on hand Saturday to oversee local elections in Pasadena following a court decision earlier this year. In January, a Federal judge ruled that the city intentionally tried to limit Latino voting power by changing the rules for electing city council members. In 2014 the city switched from a system that elected 8 city council members from 8 different districts to one that elected 6 from districts and 2 […]

  • Chiseled Colonel Sanders stars in new romance novel from KFC

    LOUISVILLE, KY – Kentucky Fried Chicken may be famous for its chicken, but the company is also quickly becoming infamous for its unique style of advertising. It’s latest out-of-the-bucket creation is a romance novel, starring Colonel Sanders. Give Mom her true heart’s desire this Mother’s Day—a family meal and a romance novel featuring Colonel Sanders. — KFC (@kfc) May 4, 2017 Tender Wings of Desire is an actual book that you can actually read. It tells the story of […]

  • Racial slur gets man banned from Boston’s Fenway Park for life

    BOSTON, MA – There’s nothing quite like your first baseball game; hearing the crack of the bat, smelling the fresh-cut outfield grass, tasting your first ballpark hot dog and, of course, hearing casual racism from a fan. Wait, that last one isn’t typical, right? Either way, that’s what happened at Boston’s Fenway Park on Tuesday. Calvin Hennick took his son to his first Red Sox game and was not expecting what they saw. “We were there with my father-in-law, who’s […]

  • New Texan Deshaun Watson spends NFL money on a car for his mom’s birthday

    HOUSTON – New Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson didn’t waste much time spending some of the money from his first NFL contract, even though he hasn’t signed it yet. The Texans first round pick scored his mom a sweet birthday present in the form of a 2017 Jaguar.   Happy Birthday Mama! I love you & you deserve your first official car! Enjoy it! "Had to cop her the '17 Jag" 💯🤘🏾 — Deshaun Watson (@DeshaunWatson4) April 29, 2017 Watson certainly […]

  • Man dies following altercation with deputies in Galveston County

    SAN LEON, Texas — A man died at the hospital Saturday morning following an altercation with deputies late Friday night. Deputies were called to a home in the 2900 block of Avenue H by a woman who said her boyfriend was inside his home screaming with a knife. When deputies arrived on scene they found 46-year-old Jeronimo Zamora Jr. outside the home sweating profusely with a major cut on his wrist. Deputies say Zamora initially waited for paramedics to arrive to treat […]

  • Muhammad Ali’s draft decision still resonates 50 years later

    HOUSTON – It’s been fifty years since Muhammad Ali shocked the world, not with his hands, but with his heart. On April 28, 1967 the world heavyweight champion refused to join the Army and fight in the Vietnam War. “Muhammad Ali stood up on this point of what Muslims believe,” said Student Minister Dr. Robert Muhammad of the Nation of Islam. “We believe that we who declare ourselves to be righteous Muslims, should not participate in wars which take the […]

  • Boy allergic to most foods finds solace in Chick-Fil-A waffle fries

    SPRING, Texas– Most of us take meal time for granted, grabbing anything and everything we can to fuel us. However, not everyone has that luxury. Christopher Cataldo,6, of Spring suffers from cyclic vomiting syndrome and eosinophilic esophagitis, a disease that makes meal time extremely difficult. “He is allergic to 90 percent of the food that’s on the Earth,” said Christopher’s mother Kellie Cataldo. Doctors only give Christopher the go-ahead on foods after he tries them out for several months. “We do […]

  • Anti-Jewish hate is on the rise in the US

    HOUSTON – Anti-Jewish hate is on the rise according to a new report from the Anti-Defamation League. Across the country anti-Semitic incidents were up more than 33 percent in 2016 compared to the previous year. However, that’s only part of the picture. In the first quarter of 2017 anti-Semitic incidents have jumped 86 percent. “There’s been a significant, sustained increase in anti-Semitic activity since the start of 2016,” said ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt. “What’s most concerning is the fact that the numbers […]