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  • Waffle House Hero sets up GoFundMe site for victims; suspected gunman faces 4 charges of criminal homicide

    NASHVILLE — The man accused of the nation’s latest deadly shooting was arraigned via video conference on Monday. Travis Reinking, 29, is facing four charges of criminal homicide. He’s accused of opening fire on a Tennessee Waffle House on Sunday. Four were killed.  Two women who were shot remain hospitalized. Reinmking’s $2 million bond was revoked so he remains behind bars awaiting for Wednesday’s court appearance in Nashville. Meanwhile, James Shaw, Jr.,  the man known for his heroics, is receiving more […]

  • First total genital transplant successful— but it will take time to gauge full functionality

    BALTIMORE — Good news for men who’ve been severely injured “down there.” The first total genital transplant took 14 hours at the end of March. Nine plastic surgeons and two urological surgeons at Johns Hopkins performed the unique surgery on an army vet whose nether region was severely injured by an IED blast in Afghanistan.  He’s recovered from surgery and should go home later this week. We know what you’re wondering. What about sex? That’s the million-dollar question! Doctors said […]

  • Reward money doubled for new leads in 1991 Texas cold case that inspired Oscar-winning movie 

    VIDOR, Texas – Real life influences Hollywood filmmakers all the time. The Oscar worthy movie, “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” is not a true story. However, it was inspired by one in Texas 27 years ago.  Now the movie may be inspiring new efforts to solve the murder of 34-year-old Kathy Page found dead in her car in Vidor, which sits about 100 miles southeast of Houston. The Texas Department of Public Safety is doubling the reward for info that […]

  • End of an era in Cuba as new president is elected whose last name is not Castro

    HAVANA, Cuba – For the first time in nearly 60 years, no one named Castro will be running Cuba.  Members of the Cuban National Assembly are in the midst of electing a new president to replace Raul Castro, who replaced his brother, Fidel, 10 years ago. When a mystery illness and a botched surgery forced Fidel Castro to step aside after 50 years at the helm of the communist country, lil’ bro Raul said he would limit his own reign […]

  • Bush Elementary School students have fond memories of former first lady’s many visits to their campus

    HOUSTON — Former First Lady Barbara Bush left her mark on many places, but perhaps no place will feel her loss more deeply than the nation’s first elementary school that bears her name. “This is one of our favorite and most important places here at our school because this is the flag that flew over the White House when Mr. Bush was president,” principal Theresa Rose said. “We are so fortunate that Mrs. Bush gave this to us and it […]

  • Texas education board’s latest vote gets good grades from community leaders

    HOUSTON — During a press conference Tuesday, LULAC President Cuauhtemoc “Temo” Figueroa said, “Remembering our past, remembering our history, is vitally important for the success of our students and the success of all students here in Texas.” He and other local community leaders are giving the state board of education an A+! Last week the board approved a Mexican-American studies course called Ethnic Studies: An Overview of Americans of Mexican Descent.  Some say this has been in the works for […]

  • At local bookstores, very few people are lining up for Comey’s Trump tell-all

    HOUSTON — Read any good books lately? Former FBI director James Comey’s highly anticipated tell-all about Trump. A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership hits bookstore shelves Tuesday. Comey spent 20 years as a government employee.  He was the FBI’s director from 2013 until POTUS fired him last year. “Yeah, I never thought that I would ever compare the leadership style of a president of the United States to that of a Mafia boss,” he said. “But the more I […]

  • Driving changes in Saudi Arabia as women there learn how to drive

    BEAVERTON, Ore. – American women are driving some pretty big changes in Saudi Arabia— literally! In the next few days, three female driving instructors from the pacific northwest are heading to the middle east to teach new drivers the rules of the road.  Their students live in the only country where women are banned from driving.  This summer, that changes. Lois Lents says, “I am humbled to be standing at this historic moment and to play any part in it […]

  • Volunteer Houston relaunches by reigniting the thousand points of light initiative

    HOUSTON — In 1989, when George H.W.  Bush was sworn in as president— he saw the light! “I’ve spoken of a thousand points of light, of all the community organizations that are spread like stars throughout the nation doing good.” It was 41’s way of saying we should all get off our duffs for volunteering and to acknowledge those who already were. At Volunteer Houston, the light`s been on for 40 years, but it had dimmed a little. “After hurricane […]