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  • Tropical Storm Don creates a shower of presidential memes raining down on Twitter

    THE ATLANTIC OCEAN – As soon as social media got wind of Tropical Storm Don forming in the Atlantic, President Trump memes began forming at gale-force levels and Twitter quickly became the epicenter of meme central. Twitter user Joe Passantino tweeted:  “Tropical Storm Don not expected to become a hurricane, will dissipate within 72 hours. Low energy. Sad!” Tropical Storm Don not expected to become a hurricane, will dissipate within 72 hours. Low energy. Sad! — Jon Passantino (@passantino) […]

  • World emoji day sparks different emotions in everyone

    HOUSTON– There’s no question about it, communication is key and these days we don’t even need words to convey our emotions, because we’ve got emojis and today is World  Emoji Day. This holiday was created three years ago by the founder of Emojipedia, the website that keeps track of all the different emojis living inside our smart phones. They may not be words, but they sure do spell out how we feel on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and text messages. Emoticons […]

  • Propane-fueled rage over bad breakup leaves one dead, 18 homeless

    FORT PIERCE, Fla– A Florida man is dead after a propane fueled revenge plot went terribly wrong. According to police, Carl Philbert, 31, of Haiti, loaded up his car with four propane tanks and drove straight into his ex-girlfriend’s ground floor apartment. “He intended to do damage,” Ed Cunningham of the Fort Pierce Police Department said. “He raced his car in at a high rate of speed into this apartment where five people were intending to kill them, blow the […]

  • ‘Woke’ added to dictionary, U.S. image declines, North Korea compares Trump to Hitler

    NORTH KOREA – Another day in politics, and another reference to Adolph Hitler. It’s no secret that North Korea’s dictator isn’t a fan of Donald Trump, but now the state-controlled news agency may have gone too far.  KCNA published an article comparing the U.S. President to Hitler and described his “America First” policy as “Nazism in the 21st century.” The article states Trump “advocates world domination” using the military, just like “Hitler’s concept of world occupation.” While no other nation is […]

  • Professor loses job after Otto Warmbier deserved to die comments

    NEWARK, Delaware – At the University of Delaware, a Facebook post cost one part-time professor her job. Katherine Dettwyler sparked controversy for saying Otto Warmbier deserved to die.  In her post, the anthropology professor accused Warmbier of acting like, “A spoiled, naïve, arrogant, U.S. college student” claiming he got “exactly what he deserved.” Warmbier was accused of attempting to steal a propaganda poster from his North Korean hotel in 2015 and sentenced to 15 years of labor. He suffered a […]

  • Juan Rodriguez avoids deportation; ICE given one week to decide

    HOUSTON– The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has been given an additional week to revue the deportation case of Juan Rodriguez. Rodriguez, an undocumented worker from El Salvador, came to this country illegally 15 years ago. Rodriguez was notified that his immigration status had changed shortly after Donald Trump took office. According to a survey by the Atlantic daily, ICE has arrested more than 41,300 undocumented immigrants since President Trump signed executive orders to tighten border security and crack down […]

  • Mom’s selfies with Texas State football team at daughter’s orientation go viral

    SAN MARCOS, Texas – An incoming Texas State University freshman had fun at her recent orientation, but it looks like her mom had even more fun with the football team. Danielle Clay dropped daughter Avery off, and then texted her some selfies from the stadium field along with the caption: “I made some new friends. Don’t wait up.” It was a contest for prize money toward tuition, but Avery didn’t know that. Still, she thought it was hilarious and tweeted: “My […]

  • Galveston prepares for tropical storm Cindy, but are Houstonians taking Cindy seriously?

    GALVESTON COUNTY, Texas – While all eyes are on the Gulf as Tropical Storm Cindy makes a beeline for the Texas-Louisiana border, some residents on Bolivar Peninsula and surrounding counties are left worrying if they should evacuate. Since the National Weather Service is predicting up to six inches of rain and possibly five-foot tides combined with high winds, Galveston County issued a voluntary evacuation. Several residents, like Joanie Vyoral, are taking it seriously. “I have a small car and we’re taking […]

  • 12-year-old with “All-Star” dreams becomes 1st girl to become member of Westbury Little League team

    HOUSTON– Anneliese Switzer is an athletic superstar who can play any position on the baseball field! She plays softball and she also plays soccer year-round. Anneliese is the first girl in history to become a member of the Westbury Little League All-Star team. Westbury’s team won the Little League World Series back in 1966. Very few girls play little league baseball, but Anneliese has been playing for years. She’s made the All-Star team each year of eligibility in her respective […]