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    Trump doing OK in recent Texas poll while anti-Trump rallies continue nationwide

    WASHINGTON — When it’s report card time, we all want good grades. In Texas, President Donald Trump may not make the dean’s list, but he is passing. According to the latest University of Texas and Texas Tribune poll, 46 percent of Texans approve of the job he’s doing and 44 percent don’t. By party, 81 percent of Texas Republicans give him the thumbs up while 83 percent of state Democrats do not. Meanwhile, thousands of people opposed to Trump’s policies […]

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    NBA teams told to ‘play nice’ on social media

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Trash talk, or psyching out the other team, is a staple on the basketball court. NBA officials say it’ll no longer be a thing on social media. The NBA sent out a message to all 30 franchises this week with a list of new rules. “As with in-game entertainment, teams are prohibited from mocking and/or ridiculing opponents…and game officials on social media in any form, including through statements, pictures or videos,” Deputy Commissioner Mark Tatum wrote. Basically, […]

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    Trump administration’s alleged ties to Russia still under microscope

    WASHINGTON — Lately, any news out of the Oval Office has people asking lots of questions. Most involve Russia, Donald Trump’s high level advisers, the presidential election and leaks from U.S. officials. President Trump’s morning tweet blames U.S. intelligence. He tweeted: “The real scandal here is that classified information is illegally given out by ‘intelligence’ like candy. Very un-American!” “I think anybody knows that there was some hanky-panky going on during the presidential election,” Rep. Eliot Engel of New York […]

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    2 young girls among latest victims in Chicago’s weekend of violence

    CHICAGO — Two random shootings. Two Chicago neighborhoods. Two children fighting for their lives. The young girls are the latest innocent victims of violence in the Windy City.  Each child was shot in the head Sunday evening and police don’t have a clue who to blame. Kanari Gentry-Bowers, 12, was playing with friends near her school playground when shots rang out. She went down immediately. Her family`s heartbroken. “This is hurting. What you are doing man? Over a piece of […]

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    Valentine’s Day KKK fliers spread hate in New Jersey; KKK leader found dead in Missouri

    ST. LOUIS — Apparently the Ku Klux Klan is alive and active in Missouri, but its Imperial Wizard is most definitely not. His body was found shot to death and dumped near a river, authorities said. Frank Ancona’s wife and his stepson have been arrested and charged with first degree murder. Frank Ancona, 51, was a KKK leader for nearly two decades. His wife Malissa Ancona was on police radar early on when they discovered she had last seen her husband […]

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    Sports around Houston area include selfies, swimsuits and a starting quarterback

    HOUSTON —  Super Bowl LI should be super lucrative for the city of Houston. But it comes as no surprise to learn a few self-serving folks will try to cash in, too. Take for example, Johnny Football. Seems the NFL flame-out is low on funds, possibly from his downward spiral that includes legal troubles, reports of substance abuse, and club-hopping.  So, when he needs to score some cash, what’s a former Heisman trophy winner to do? During the week leading […]

  • Actor George Clooney, human rights activist and co-founder of Sentry, speaks during a news conference on September 12, 2016, in Washington, DC, to present the report War Crimes Shouldnt Pay: Stopping the looting and destruction in South Sudan.
South Sudan's devastating civil war has enriched senior officials directing the conflict, including the president and his main rival, the report charged. "Top officials ultimately responsible for mass atrocities in South Sudan have at the same time managed to accumulate fortunes, despite modest government salaries," said the report. / AFP / MOLLY RILEY        (Photo credit should read MOLLY RILEY/AFP/Getty Images)

    George Clooney expecting twins at age 55

    LOS ANGELES — Never say never! We’re looking at you, George Clooney! The actor used to say no to love, then changed his mind. Then he said no to marriage, but got hitched to attorney Amal Alamuddin in 2014. So, what’s next for the one-time committed bachelor? How about fatherhood. That’s right! Reports say the power couple’s family is expanding — big time. The Clooneys are reportedly expecting twins! Mom-to-be is 39 years old and the first-time dad is 55. […]

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    Beyonce sued for $20M after sampling Messy Mya in iconic song ‘Formation’

    NEW ORLEANS — Life’s gettin’ messy for Beyonce in Louisiana. Six years ago, Messy Mya — the foul-mouthed hip hop artist and comedian from New Orleans —  made one of his many videos on the streets of his hometown.  Less than a year later, he was fatally shot. Beyonce samples Messy Mya’s voice for that video in her 2016 hit single, “Formation.”  Now, Messy Mya’s estate is hoping to make lemons out of lemonade by suing the Queen Bey. They’re […]

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    Suspect’s family calling for investigation after police claimed he overdosed while in custody

    HEDWIG VILLAGE, Texas – A 21-year-old died nine months ago in police custody, but how he died is still in dispute. “We haven’t accused anybody of killing him, but we know somebody did,” says Quanell X. The mother of Darrall Thomas recruited the community activist to help figure this out. They’re calling for a federal investigation. “I’ve been through hell and back trying to figure out what happened to my child,” mother Lakita Carr said. Thomas left behind a 1-year-old […]