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  • Controversy continues to surround Judge Roy Moore’s campaign for the U.S. senate

    BIRMINGHAM, Al. – The Alabama cheer might be roll tide roll, but politics ain’t football.  And for the Republican running for the state’s U.S. senate seat, the tide is definitely rolling against him.  The highest ranking members of his own party are saying the same thing to Judge Roy Moore. From Representative Paul Ryan, “If he cares about the values and the people he claims to care about, then he should step aside.” “He’s obviously not fit to be in […]

  • FDA approves first digital drug

    On Monday the Food & Drug Administration approved the first medicine in the U.S. with a digital ingestion tracking system that works with a smart phone. It’s called Abilify MyCite and will be used to treat schizophrenia and a specific type of bipolar disorder. It’s also been approved as a supplemental treatment for adult depression. Let’s say you’re the patient. Here’s how it’s supposed to work. Each pill is embedded with a sensor that sends a message to a patch […]

  • Social media weighs in on GQ choosing Colin Kaepernick over JJ Watt for GQ’s citizen

    HOUSTON— Even before the latest GQ issue hit the newsstands,  it attracted protests and calls to boycott the magazine.  Seems the decision to name former quarterback-turned-activist, Colin Kaepernick “Citizen of the Year” didn’t sit well with everyone. Some think Houston Texan JJ Watt is more deserving of the honor, based on his fundraising efforts after hurricane Harvey. But long before Harvey, Kaepernick donated $100,000.00 each month to organizations in “oppressed communities.” Kaepernick focused on areas he felt were affected by […]

  • TSA releases surveillance video from Orlando airport after a bag explodes near a security checkpoint

    ORLANDO, Fla.—A surveillance video showing a quick-thinking TSA agent shows the chaos that was caused by an explosion inside the Orlando International Airport Friday. Turns out, a lithium battery overheated and exploded inside a passenger’s bag. “I was so close to the bag, let me get it out of the way,”Agent Ricardo Perez said. On the surveillance video you can see agent Perez grab the smoking bag as passengers frantically scatter throughout the terminal.  His goal was to get that bag […]

  • Passage of pension reform referendum “monumental and historical” for city of Houston

    HOUSTON– The tension over pension seems to have eased a bit, now that Houston voters passed a billion dollar bond referendum.  Perhaps no one is more relieved than Mayor Sylvester Turner.  “This is a monumental win for the entire city.” “This was a team effort with employee groups, pension boards, legislators,” said Ray Hunt, President of the Houston Police Officers Union. The referendum is considered the mayor’s landmark reform package which could mean the end to the city’s financial crisis. […]

  • Former dentist Clara Harris is getting out of prison after serving 15 years for killing her cheating husband

    HOUSTON – When it comes to parole hearings, apparently, the third time’s the charm for a Friendswood dentist convicted of killing her husband 15 years ago.  Clara Harris was sentenced to 20 years for murdering David Harris by repeatedly running him over in her car.  According to the parole board, serving three quarters of her sentence is long enough. “I feel certain that she’s used her expertise in dentistry to benefit her fellow inmates,” said her attorney, George Parnham. “I think […]

  • Actress suing Weinstein Company for “enabling” sexual assault

    LOS ANGELES, Calif— Well, it was bound to happen. The Weinstein Company is being sued. Dallas-born actress Dominique Huett says Harvey Weinstein’s film studio enabled his alleged sexual assault. Huett says Weinstein assaulted her in 2010 and is asking for an undisclosed amount of money to recoup the costs of medical and psychological care. More than 40 women have come forward with allegations going back decades but Weinstein denies any accusations of non-consensual sex. Former president George H.W. Bush also […]

  • Twin Peaks biker shootout trial, officer’s emotional testimony

    WACO, Texas – The trial is underway for rival motorcycle gang members that held a shootout at Twin Peaks in 2015 that left nine people dead and 20 injured. Waco police officer Ben Rush was emotional during his testimony against Christopher Jacob Carrizal, the president of the Bandidos’ Dallas chapter, who is the first to stand trial. “It just looked like a horror movie, music playing in the background and it’s just quiet,” Rush said. Even the most macho men […]

  • Homecoming queen kicks game-winning field goal during the annual rivalry game

    PEARLAND, Texas – One high school senior from Pearland may not wield a golden lasso, wear a plate of armor,  or have bullet-proof bracelets but, Claire Jeffress is drawing comparisons to Wonder Woman. The Dawson High School senior was crowned homecoming queen a week ago and over the weekend she drilled the game-winning 30-yard field goal. Jeffress helped win her team a 38-35 victory over rival Pearland High School. “It’s definitely the biggest game of the year,” said Jeffress. “I knew […]