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  • Key questions remain unanswered after one killed, several injured in Tennessee church shooting

    ANTIOCH, Tennessee – In the “about” section of Emanuel Samson’s Facebook page it says, “No need for a life story: you probably heard about me.”  Today the whole country’s heard about him, for all the wrong reasons. Samson’s behind the latest shooting that left one dead and several wounded at a predominantly white church in Antioch, Tennessee.  The 25-year-old Sudanese national has U.S. residency,  but right now resides behind bars without bond, charged with felony homicide.  Authorities are still trying […]

  • HISD students from 7 schools go back to class on last day of rolling starts

    HOUSTON – You know what’s been going on with HISD ever since Hurricane Harvey, right?  It’s been a pretty rough month. But things are looking up! Monday signifies the last day of rolling starts for seven HISD schools. Meaning, kids are going back to class,  even if it’s not the classrooms they were used to. “Seems like a new opportunity in a different environment with some familiar faces,” said Kolter Elementary School dad Adrian Harris. Kolter, located in the heart […]

  • President Trump unveils travel ban 3.0 while his son-in-law/senior adviser has to explain his private email address

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – Opponents of President Trump’s latest travel ban may have just hit a roadblock. The Supreme Court has removed the topic from its October calendar, which might indicate this ban is harder to challenge. Basically, the new plan, being called Travel Ban 3.0, restricts visas for travel to the U.S. from eight countries.  This began as Trump’s plan to ban travel from six Muslim nations. Five of the original six countries are still on the list:  Iran, Libya, […]

  • Morning Dose helps reunite family with their two dogs who went missing after Hurricane Harvey

    HOUSTON — Our own Maggie Flecknoe from Morning Dose has taken on a pet project for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.  She’s helped reunite pet owners with their best friends lost after the storm. Morning Dose was live at NRG Arena last week, introducing different Pets of The Day and sharing photos on Facebook of four-legged friends who were separated from their owners during Hurricane Harvey. “We have here over 400 dogs and about 50 cats and we want to reunite […]

  • Would-be robber wants to sue the good Samaritan who intervened

    FRESNO, Calif. — Good Samaritan or vigilante? You be the judge. Last July, Cregg Jerri was enjoying a cup-a-Joe at his local Starbucks in Fresno, when suddenly, a masked man pulls out a gun and a knife and demands cash from the barista.  The whole thing was caught on surveillance camera. Next thing you know, old Cregg Jerri intervenes by hitting the would-be robber with a chair.  The robber is 30-year-old Ryan Flores, nearly half Jerri`s age. The fight between […]

  • U.S. Republican senators are taking another stab at health care, but Democrats are not yet on board

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — If you thought that whole health care debate was dead, well, think again!  The latest GOP plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act is the Graham-Cassidy bill. Among the highlights, it hands over federal dollars currently funding Obamacare to the states. Meaning, Texas would run its own healthcare programs. Senator Lindsay Graham, (R) South Carolina says, “I believe that most republicans like the idea of state controlled healthcare versus Washington, D.C. controlled healthcare.” Number two, it eliminates the individual […]

  • Protests, prayers and violence continue in both St. Louis and Atlanta for different reasons

    ST. LOUIS, Missouri – Faith leaders throughout St. Louis are hoping the power of prayer will unite a community being ripped apart by protests. For four straight days, demonstrators have taken to the streets, protesting the acquittal of a white former police officer who shot and killed a 24-year-old black man in 2011.  A judge declared Jason Stockley not guilty of murdering drug suspect, Anthony Lamar Smith. Tuesday afternoon’s prayer service included reverends, pastors, rabbis and bishops.  Despite the eclectic gathering, […]

  • “Gayest Bake Sale Ever” in Utah challenges Colorado baker’s right to refuse making same-sex wedding cake

    SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – The festival in Salt Lake City has cookies, donuts, brownies, cakes and – – – queers????? The Utah event being called the “Gayest Bake Sale Ever” was cooked up to challenge the Mormon church’s support of a controversial gay rights case pending before the U.S. Supreme Court. Bake sale organizer Hillary McDaniel said, “It’s a lighthearted event for a very, very serious issue in this state.” Back in 2012, a Denver, Colorado baker refused to […]

  • Saluting two Harvey heroes from Fort Bend County

    FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas – Texas heroics were on display for the whole country to see throughout Hurricane Harvey. In one example, a lieutenant with the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Department was flooded in his West Oaks Village subdivision. It was 3 a.m. and he needed help getting to work. “In order for us to be successful in what was fixin’ to come up, we needed to have him here,” said Deputy Wyatt Schoppe, FBCSO. To help his lieutenant, Schoppe […]