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  • Galveston residents hold candlelight vigil for Baby Jacob, whose real identity remains a mystery

    GALVESTON, Texas – No one seems to know Baby Jacob’s real name, or where he came from. “Yeah, nobody has come forward and claimed their child,” said Donna Ramey. “He’s still an unidentified baby.” That’s not stopping the Galveston community from holding a candlelight vigil for the little boy whose naked body washed ashore nearly four months ago. A makeshift memorial filled with teddy bears has been growing since last October. Sunday night’s gathering of concerned moms, dads and grandparents […]

  • Can you recite the names of every U.S. President? Thanks to one-on-one brain training, young children can!

    HOUSTON – There’s more to Presidents Day than mattress sales and car deals!   It originally recognized the first George dub-ya.  You know, the father of our country, George Washington?  Now we celebrate all U.S. presidents on the third Monday in February. So, how many people do you know who can name them all, in order?  Eleven-year-old Charlie Howgate can! “How it works is, it’s basically visual memory, so, you look at a picture and that’s how you remember it,” he said. […]

  • Driver’s gas pedal gets stuck at around 100mph on a Florida highway

    FELLSMERE, Florida— A Florida highway looked like an action movie scene Monday when a 28-year-old driver was breaking all kinds of speed limits and had no way of stopping.  His pedal was to the metal,  but not on purpose. From the 911 recording: Dispatcher:  “He’s going about 100 miles per hour with his gas pedal stuck.” Driver:  “I’m about to hit somebody.” While troopers raced to warn other drivers on the road, emergency dispatchers tried to help slow down the […]

  • Houston radio station’s annual Valentine’s Day mile of meat stops traffic

    HOUSTON— Forget Tinder and any other dating app!  For Houston singles, who needs to swipe when we’ve got 94.5’s The BUZZ annual Mile of Meat! For one day only, DJ Rod Ryan gets to play Cupid. “We’re trying to get these guys dates,” said producer Alex Middleton. “It’s Valentine’s Day. It’s all about finding love.” First, the station corrals 20 eligible bachelors, all hungry for a hook-up.  After the round-up the men are lined up down Westheimer.  Each member of […]

  • California conundrum uses DNA and social media to close cat custody battle case

    SANTA ROSA, California – Custody cases are never pretty.  “This affected us emotionally, you know,” said Shelby Wallace. “Mack,” the California cat’s odyssey began four months ago when his family lost its home to the wildfires.  From there, Wallace learned her beloved Mack became a shelter cat, until another family adopted him. “It’s been an emotional roller coaster,” she said. Wallace was overjoyed to learn Mack was still alive, only to be told the new owners would not give him up.  […]

  • New York vs. Harvey Weinstein: AG files suit against disgraced Hollywood exec and his former company

    ALBANY, New York – You can add the entire state of New York to the list of more than 60 women who have accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment or abuse. After more than four months investigating the Weinstein Company, New York’s attorney general has filed a lawsuit against the company and its co-founders, brothers Harvey and Bob Weinstein.  Eric Schneiderman says his investigation uncovered a pattern of sexual intimidation and discrimination, in addition to the alleged harassment and abuse.  Not […]

  • Racially insensitive science fair project has put elite academic school district program under a microscope

    SACRAMENTO, California – A California school district’s elite academic program is under fire after one student questioned whether certain races are too stupid to handle the program’s challenging coursework.  The student, who is in the magnet program, entered his high school’s science fair with a project called “Race and IQ.” It gets worse. The student hypothesized, “If the average IQ of blacks, southeast Asians and Hispanics are lower than the average IQ’s of non-Hispanic whites and northeast Asians, then racial […]

  • Convicted felon running for public office in Austin, a first for the Lone Star State

    AUSTIN, Texas – Anybody running for political office today should expect a thorough background check — it just comes with the territory.  But in Austin, Lewis Conway, Jr. is running for a city council seat, and he’s got skeletons in his closet, alright. Big ones! He’s pulled ’em all out to put on display.  Conway is a convicted felon.  The charge?  Voluntary manslaughter! “I think I felt like my life was over when I got arrested,” he said. In he […]

  • Top notch athletes sign their letters of intent for college scholarships on signing day

    HOUSTON— You may think today is Wednesday, but it’s not just another day of the week in sports lingo.  It’s SIGNING DAY!!!  and some of the top pics for colleges from all over the country come from our own backyard. Football players from Lamar High school like Josh Landry, De’sahwn Jamison and AlVonte Woodard. Landry who is going to Baylor is happy he gets to live out his dream.  “It’s not too far but it’s not too close,” says proud […]