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  • Unhealthy for employees over 40 to work more than three days a week, study says

    HOUSTON — Get this, working fewer hours a week actually increases productivity! According to a study done by researchers in Melbourne,  working only three days a week is the best way to keep employees over 40 years old productive and less likely to feel burned out. The research showed working up to 25 hours a week has a positive increase in cognitive function. However, when employees exceed 25 hours a week, there is a negative impact on cognitive function. It […]

  • PETA puts pressure on meat, dairy industries with calls for water conservation

    HOUSTON — Save water, go vegan! That is the message PETA is trying to convey by showering— yes, showering — on the streets in downtown Houston. PETA says they are exposing meat and dairy industries as the nation’s biggest water wasters. This bold demonstration includes a nearly nude body in a shower covered by only a banner. Whether you’re a meat-eater or not, there’s no doubt this message was certainly an attention-getter.

  • Latest Samsung smartphone can’t connect to the internet

    SOUTH KOREA—  Imagine this, a smartphone that can’t access the internet! 1996 was the first year the internet was available on cell phones, but it was real expensive and there were a lot of kinks to be worked out. Three years later, surfing the web on your cell became more available and affordable. Some of us don’t even know life before the internet on our calling device! Now, what seems to be a step in reverse. Samsung has created the […]

  • Houston Art Car Parade makes its mark on the Bayou City yet again

    HOUSTON – Hundreds gathered in Downtown Houston to watch the annual Houston Art Car Parade. Those who participate spend countless hours preparing their ride to show off, and those who come out to see them are always amazed at what gets displayed.