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  • Restaurant has 1-drink limit for parents eating with children

    CLINTON, N.Y. — At the top of a New York restaurant’s menus – right next to the martini glass logo – is the rule, “One drink policy while dining with children.” Melisa Gravelle, general manager at Peddlers Bar & Bistro in Clifton, says she holds those seven words – designed to keep families safe on the road – close to her heart, according to WTEN. “We love children,” Gravelle said. “Everybody loves children and children don’t have a voice.” Gravelle says […]

  • Justin Bieber cancels Purpose tour over ‘unforeseen circumstances’

    DENVER — Justin Bieber is signing off early — canceling the final leg of his Purpose World Tour. After 154 shows, the pop star is pulling the plug the remaining 15 dates — starting with Arlington, Texas this weekend. Bieber’s scheduled U.S. venues included MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey; the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California; and Sports Authority Field at Mile High in Denver, Colorado; among others. Bieber’s team released a statement saying the cancellation stems from “unforeseen circumstances.” The statement said, […]

  • Wisconsin company to become first US company to microchip employees

    RIVER FALLS, Wis. — A Wisconsin company will become the first U.S. company to provide employees implantable microchips. According to a press release, Three Square Market will offer the technology to all employees during a “chip party” on August 1. The program is optional. “Employees will be implanted with a RFID chip allowing them to make purchases in their break room micro market, open doors, login to computers, use the copy machine, etc.,” the company said in the press release. […]

  • Michael Phelps, Discovery blasted on Twitter for race against fake shark

    Twitter blasted Michael Phelps and Discovery Channel after they announced in their hour-long special that the long-awaited race between Phelps and a Great White shark was simulated. Discovery Channel’s Shark Week is one of the network’s most hyped weeks of the year, and this year was no different. The headlines read: ‘Phelps vs. Shark,’ advertising a race between the Olympian and a Great White in promos and on social media. The moment of glory for #TeamShark!!! #PhelpsVsShark #SharkWeek — […]

  • Oklahoma teacher panhandles for school supplies

    TULSA, Okla. — Photos of an elementary school teacher in Oklahoma panhandling for school supplies have gone viral. Teresa Danks is a third-grade teacher at Tulsa Public Schools who said her salary is $35,000 and she spends $2,000 to $3,000 on supplies for her students because of budget cuts, KOKI reports. “It all adds up week after week and month after month,” Danks said. “So, it’s a huge need.” Danks held up a sign that said, “Teacher needs school supplies! […]

  • Teen driver accused of livestreaming crash that killed her sister

    LOS BANOS, Calif. — An 18-year-old California teenager allegedly livestreamed the crash that killed her 14-year-old sister and seriously injured another girl, according to KTXL. Investigators are looking into a graphic video that may have been filmed by Obdulia Sanchez before, during and after the fatal crash. The video was originally posted to Instagram and is circulating on social media. “Jacqueline, please wake up,” Sanchez can be heard saying in the video. “I f****** killed my sister, OK? I know […]

  • 18-year-old cheerleader accused of killing, burying newborn baby in backyard

    CARLISLE, Ohio — An 18-year-old Ohio cheerleader has been charged with killing and burying a newborn baby in her backyard, according to The Dayton Daily News. Brooke Skylar Richardson faces charges of reckless homicide, according to the paper. The infant’s remains were found buried in Richardson’s backyard last week. According to the paper, the infant died more than two months ago but was alive at birth and not a stillborn, officials said. The coroner has not released an official cause of death. Richardson […]

  • Tennessee man builds 500,000-gallon pool he dreamed of as a child

    COVINGTON, Tenn. — Like many other people, Micky Thornton just wanted a backyard pool for his family when he moved to Covington, a small town north of Memphis, in 1992. But Thornton thought bigger than most people. “To start with, I probably had the idea when I was 9 or 10 years old,” Thornton told WREG-TV. “I wanted [ the pool] large in the deep end but large and deep enough you could swim around it and not feel like […]

  • Parents accused of giving opioids to baby on day she was born

    UTAH COUNTY, Utah – Two Utah parents are in jail after allegedly giving their infant daughter opioids on the day she was born. Lacey Dawn Christenson, 26, of Elk Ridge, was heavily using heroin and prescription pain medication during her pregnancy, according to investigators. Because of that, her baby girl was born April 9 already dependent on drugs. Christenson and her boyfriend, 29-year-old Colby Glen Wilde, later admitted to police that Wilde applied some of the crushed Suboxone pills to the […]