Stiletto Steppin’ van coming to a street near you

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HOUSTON, TX – Women are nuts about their shoes. They’d literally fight for them. Guys will never understand how a few straps on a painful heel can cost so much, but they sure love to see ladies walk in them.

Shawn Bassett is capitalizing on the female infatuation with stilettos.

“I was inspired by wearing a lot of stilettos. Everybody used to tell me ‘oh your shoes are so nice, your shoes are so cute,’ so I really had a dream. I said I would like to do heels on wheels,” she said of her hopeful business venture.

She stepped up to the challenge and the “Stiletto Steppin’ Van” was born.

“Women start hollering and screaming everywhere I go. Everyone loves the concept. they come out and they’re purchasing shoes.”

Basset opened her mobile shoe store in 2009 selling the kind of shoes that make a statement.

“I want the shoe to do the talking,” she said of the shoe selection. “The back of the heel they’re real trendy. I looked at the runway in Paris and said I want to do the same thing that Paris is doing.”

A certain celebrity has even rocked a pair of these pumps. “Sheryl Swoops, she came out and bought shoes. She stood up and she was taller than the van,” Bassett said as she remembered the experience.

For Bassett it’s more than a shoe obsession. It’s a way to make other women feel chic and sexy.

“I love to see the smile on women’s faces when I sell them a pair of shoes, and they’ll tell me they’re going out in them later that night and say, ‘Shawn I love your shoes and I’ve never seen anyone with these.'”

Maybe most women aren’t daring enough to wear heels without an actual heel, unless they’re walking on the wild side. If you want to take a peek at some of the unique designs, check out Bassett’s Stiletto Steppin’ website.