G.I. Joe top toy of 20th century

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INDIANAPOLIS, IN – The top toy of the 20th century isn’t number one by accident.  G.I Joe kicked butt right up to the top.  The mini action figure beat Raggedy Ann, Cabbage Patch, Mr. Potato Head, Hot Wheels, Monopoly, Play-Doh, Etch-A-Sketch and tons of others to become the most popular toy of the last century.

The poll was done by the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. Over 24,000 people voted on their website.

The Vietnam era toy has made a killing for Hasbro. The company has reportedly sold more than 400 million of the action figures. They even came out with G.I. Jane!

Kudos to the G.I.s, but let’s hope this next generation is marked by a ‘gentler’ representative.